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  1. if you know what you want try amazon.com. I have bought a lot of airsoft stuff from there and if you try their prime membership thing you pretty much get free shipping for a year. or try your local army/navy surplus store. lots of good stuff there too.
  2. you will either have to make the drive to one of the shops in the santa clara/san jose area or just get sighted in on the field the next time you play. You could also check any on the 'local' gun ranges and see if the allow airsoft guns.
  3. registration for the Birthday Bash is open! Use the above link or go right to the page here! http://www.sequoiaairsoft.com/register_bash.html
  4. agreed. one of the fields I go to banned them as one nearly exploded (my buddies) and a second one burnt up someones passanger seat and interior. As the field is up in the Santa Cruz mountains they decided it was easier to ban them than to deal with burning the mountains down. Simply getting a new battery and using it on a semi regular basis is better. And if its the stock battery that came wirh it then that battery is simply crap. Granted the 7 cell fits slightly better an 8 cell gives you a little more juice though is a bit snug. I took mine out last year to use as a loaner gun for a friends brother. the stock battery crapped out half way through the first round. we dropped the battery from my scar into it and wow, way better.
  5. does it make a click when you pull the trigger? I bought one of those and it fired a few times and then shut down. turned out a tiny grub screw fell into the motor. Not even sure how it got in thete but as soon as it came out I was back in business.
  6. generally I don't like to throw around $99 but as I won the tornado in a raffle its not so bad.
  7. so, I picked up from a friend for my brother a CA M203. He got it from someone else and never used. At any rate it has the mount for the carbine setup but lacks any other hardware. Sadly I didnt take any pics but it looks just like: http://www.airsplat.com/Items/AC-UPE-CA-A103M.htm except that it has the front mount for the carbine kit on it: http://www.airsplat.com/Items/AC-UPE-CA-P106M.htm So, the question is, does he need any special hardware to get it on his gun? No, I don't know what brand of m4 it is but he won it in a raffle which was supplied aex. it was in a plain brown box and has no branding on it. It does seem to be a cqb setup as the carbine mount on the 203 sits exactly where his flash hider should go. We both assume he need a longer front end or simply pick up another m4. anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Kurata with twin gats. Not sure any field would let me use it nor am I sure how I would call hits lol.
  9. I have been very happy with the ronin. I even bought the hydration setup (which is a whole new set of straps which suprised me). The webbing is a bit tight for gear space but you can get a lot on woth a little work. I currently have on mine dump pouch, a triple pistol mag pouch, a double AK mag pouch (for my double stacked g36 mags) small alice pouch for extra bbs and an alice first aid kit. One strap carries my radio while the other carries my tornado. I havent filled all the extra little pockets behind the webbing though they seem to be only good for flat things. There is even webbing on the back and ample on the hydration version to whch I have attached a monkey. Thankfully it fits comfortably over my pistol belt with my drop leg. The other reason I like it is that I have a 17.5" neck so most rigs just rub me the wrong way. This one fits nicely.
  10. bang or surrender kills depending on what rules your field uses......and make sure you are prepared for the next round
  11. just cut the whole thing out. generally they are just a pain. if you pay attention to your gun you will know if/when it jams.
  12. so is it just spitting out bbs when its upside down or not at all. Either way, if the gearbox sounds as if it is cycling correctly it might be a compression issue. It could be: the nozzle isn't seated properly. it should move back and forth as the gearbox cycles. it should be rock solid in there with no movement. the o ring on the piston might have slipped or dried out. I would also say hop up and stuff but if you never messed with it there should be no problem. The only other thing I can think of is...have you cleaned your barrel lately? I mean, if its really funky its not going to shoot well. Its possible something fell into the hop up while you had the upper off but hard to say. good luck
  13. do they fog up as soon as you put them on or later in the day. if they are anything like my smith optics outside the wire (and they look really close) if there is any foam over the vent(s) around the goggle body see if you can strip it off safely. the foam on mine covered a weave pattern that is not big enough to allow bbs to pass through but double check yours to make sure (if you even have that option). airflow is the key. head bands are handy as well as making sure hats and things will block airflow. to that end try to keep moving to keep the air flowing. Another big thing is to make sure that they are dry and never put them on top of your head between games. Something I learned from putting my ski goggles on my head once :( there is also a product out called cat crap on the market. people I know swear by it for skiing but I never got it to work. essentially it acts as a barrier on the goggle lens that prevents water from condensing. there are a few products like that on the market, not sure if you have looked into those.
  14. if you have any questions ask them here. If I don't have an answer I will get one.
  15. the original problem might have been the tappet plate. I have the same gun and occasionally when firing on semi it will cease to function and I have to kick over to full auto and back a few times to get it working again. As for the current issue.....how far down did you strip it. Occasionally if you remover the inner barrel component it is possible to get the battery wiring trapped between that and the hop up....not that I have done this myself. Have you tried turning the gun over and dropping a bb or two into the hop up? make sure its not a mag feed issue. If none of this helps have you asked on the kwa forum?
  16. the clock is ticking and game day is drawing closer!
  17. yup. every glock I have seen have this issue.....and they have subsequently polished it. Think of it as a design feature rather than problem.
  18. if done correctly they are a lot of fun. I p,ay on one field where they pull out their buggy. It has a slung box fed m60 on it. It cruises up and down the field. It changes sides per pass...if the red lights are on its on the red teams side and if the white lights are on its on whites team. The vehicle itself is invulnerable to fire but then its only shooting at you half the time so its ok. I have also played games with vehicles where you had to 'buy' it. Either the teams had to find it on the field or they started with a certain amount for the round/day. On the field where we had to find the cash This worked pretty well except for once in awhile there was some confusion on who controlled the vehicle. A large squad on our team got lit up by 'our' vehicle. We were told we controlled it but apparently we did not. On the field where we had set set amount for the day the vehicle was more on a hard target with a squad weapon on it. If you could get to it you could 'rent' the merc for 15 min. The vehicle moved about between rounds.
  19. yes, thats the one. pay attention to the links you are clicking when it happens. I think I see it more on my PC than my ipad."not sure I have ever seen it on my ipad come to think of it
  20. now that you mention it I have seen that as well. Its from a certain radio button on the menu. Its not all the time but when it happens I think....oh yeah, that damn button. Its the one that says something to the effect that there is an upgrade to the page and if you are not redirected in so many seconds to click the link right?
  21. I have a G&G SCAR-L and I like it. Sturdy platform but its all metal so it is heavy as well. It takes m4 mags as well as the Lonex Flash Mags....though the flash mags are a tight fit.
  22. my G&G SCAR had a spring that went between the outer barrel and the hop up.......or it did till the outer barrel fell off during a game shortly after I got it. I heard the spring slide down the inner barrel but I was under fire and never found it. Still having issues with that damn thing. So, check the exploded view either in your manual or on their website to see if you are missing one as well.
  23. I have been very happy with my KWA G36. All I have done is put in a tightbore and bucking. The only downside is that orher brand mags do not work. I picked up some of the echo 1 flash mags for it but they fell out.
  24. Should be in with whichever bdu pattern you are looking at. small woodland pants: http://www.rap4.com/store/paintball/p/0121...-woodland-small
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