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  1. I use these the Smith Optics Outside the Wire goggles. (Outside The Wire Goggles meet US Military Spec MIL-DTL-43511D,ANSI Z87.1-2003) I like them as they are ballistics rated and I could get a insert that will hold prescription lenses. I have very little problems running them with my mesh half mask. The only issue I have is how both come together on the bridge of my nose. Not super comfy but then my nose has been broken 4 times so the bridge isn't straight lol. Not sure of the brand as I have had it awhile. As for expense...you only have one set of eyes. If you are going to spend money to play airsoft goggles are the one thing not to go cheap on. Had a kid loose an eye last year so its important to not be the next guy.
  2. check out rap4. they sell a wide range of gear so you might get lucky. however getting high end stuff in smaller sizes might be difficult. however being 14 it gives you plenty of to build your perfect loadout.
  3. try to spin the motor by hand. if you can its busted. Had the same problem with the motor from my scar. it would fire for a bit and quit. If its firing and then quitting it might be the wiring. you may have a break somewhere that is clean and as the gun cycles it separates..or the plastic covering heats up and allows the wires to part. but I would check your motor first as sometimes moving it about will reset the motor back to a position it will fire again.
  4. yes, that one. As I said its my buddies. The one he has holds gas for days. the real issue with it is the cocking arms are crap. He snapped one so I fabricated one out of aluminum....which he snapped. My next plan is to get an actual set of mossberg bars and put those in. I may also lengthen the grooves for said arms just to give it a bit more space at the end.
  5. the h&k sl9, while a bit on the pricey side and yes its an aeg but it might do the trick. with the mock suppressor in place its like what, a mile long? However, I took it off with a bit of elbow grease, a small propane torch and some nail polish remover and it is much more manageable. I put in a 100 spring and a tightbore (and a new hop up unit cause the flip broke and ya just cant find one of those) and that baby is dmr material....and still borderline sniper. I was putting bbs on target through one building and to the backside of the next one very easily..horizontally. Its light, accurate and has that sexy unibody look. Granted, I got mine through airsplat on the sale that lost them the rights to sell h&k stuff...but I am not complaining.
  6. I have a buddy that rocks a 5 shot tm clone and dual mk93s. he is very mobile and racks up the kills. He runs very light...if you count 4 extended mags and 2 midcap mags for the pistol. I put together for him a set of drop leg holsters for them. I tried to talk him into serpas but he didnt want to take the front levers off. hopefully I will have re rebuilt the slide on it when he gets back from the marines.
  7. the question is: do you not see people wearing atacs because no ne wears it or its just so damn good you cant see them? If you like it get it. If you can afford it get both. I own multicam and woodland mainly beause one of the fields I play at divides the teams by camo type. I also vary between the two for another field depending on the time of year. I always look at the pics from the previos game so I know what I should be wearing. So I would suggest that you look at pics of the field you play at and look at the folieage and see who blends in better. Camo, as we all know, works by blending in with the environment so make sure its going to work for you. All that aside, I think atacs looks like a painters drop cloth but I cannot deny its blending ability. I bought multicam as it was my first set and I was told it was the one to buy as opposed to a strong draw the the multicam. At the same time make sure your play style really 'needs' a specific camo. If ypu are a run and gun, charge the hill...camo wont matter so much. I am a 'cover the flanks quietly and remove threats without being seen' sort of guy so camo is a little more important.
  8. I run .25s in my kwa mark IV but .20s in my mk93s as they go full auto and I don't feel the need for the extra weight or to be a douche if I forget to go to semi auto when I go in doors
  9. I would suggest staying with the objective team. There have been several times where the medic is some kid who runs off to heal his friends.....the opposite direction from the objective. So anyone trying to push said objectve spend several precious days...er seconds.... yelling for a medic....who is no where around. Then its up and that annoying walk back to spawn. So, staying where you are useful is a very large key to being a good medic.
  10. Come one, come all and get your game on Aug 23rd! The Sequoia Birthday Bash is an incredible day of airsofting The scenerios are great and the venue is second to none! You have time to get on some games and learn the terrain and check out the field before the big bash! Check out the website, check out the field and game pics and get yourself in on the action. For Bash Day make sure you carpool as parking fills up in a hurry! Stop by AEX in Santa Clara to pick up your discount coupons and get that last minute item as they are one of the field sponsors. http://www.sequoiaairsoft.com And tell them you heard about it on ASF!.....its not gonna get you anything special but it will be cool!
  11. cause I see brand new ones for the same priced as your used. so knowing the brand might make it more desirable to buy.
  12. whats the brand as your pics aren't loading for me.
  13. at all? If its a jam you might/should hear a kind of clunk/thud as the gearbox tries to move. If its not doing that at all take the plate off the bottom of the grip. Its possible that one of the connectors has come loose and is contacting the other lead. exactly what externals did you mess with?
  14. neither? As everyone rocks either an m4 or an ak I went with a scar or a g36 platform. also run a g3
  15. sounds like a jam. check to make sure you don't have bbs jammed which mght keep the nozzle from moving. The only thing I can think of that mght do that...as it happened to me.
  16. hammertime? but seriously,when you say doesnt shoot do you mean completely dead trigger or doesnt fire any bbs? Assuming its dead trigger the first thing I would do is try another battery. could be that the battery is just bad. Sounds stupid but also check to see if the charger is plugged it. If its not the battery talk with your friend.
  17. I put one on my SL9 and it sounds loud. Noveske is a good product but there are a few options out there.
  18. or try something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Evaporative-Cooling-...n/dp/B001EIW3T8 I use one of these for hiking and when I was working in the desert. It has little gel beads in it that soak up the water. So its like what you were thinking but on a smaller scale. I love mine, I bought it in WY while hiking in the Tetons. A wet shemagh will make you wet or more hot as the others have stated.
  19. Guges Mk3 is right. Serpa is the way to go. Go to your local shop and try the ones for the glok. they should be able to sell you the right one
  20. whats the brand of the acog? been thinking of getting one for my scar
  21. one word: safety. Sadly it has happened more than once; start of a round or respawning, moving to cover, getting the drop on someone, standing up all stealthy, pulling the trigger and saying '!' Apparently saying that tends to attract the attention of my target.
  22. glad it worked. if for any reason it comes of and you have to reglue it get some nail polish remover to clean the old glue off. Its a trick I learned from my wife. She builds space telescopes and the superglue a lot of stuff to their test benches lol.
  23. battery life depends on your playing style. If you spray and pray all day then you will probably want two. If you are reserved on the trigger then just one should do you. And if you are unsure charge both. You can always stick the spare in a secure pocket and swap out if needed.
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