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  1. Very upset becuase I lost 3 gear set in 2 days. The first gear set is shs-mod for SR25 (which is only exclusive in airsoftmegastore), the second one is classic army helical super torque up, and the last one is the original a&k gearset. All the cause maybe due to the matrix aluminium piston 19 steel teeth ... it holy crap piston :((((((( Huhu :(((( I am crying now. Everything U said about the matrix aluminium piston is correct. I lost 3 gearset due to this holy crap matrix aluminium piston. :((((( huhu All I say is the matrix aluminium piston is holy crap ... It tears down all 3 gearsets:((((((
  2. The matrix aluminium piston works perfectly in my gearbox. Its the strongest piston in the market and I don't know why you said it is a crap.
  3. Finally I have upgraded my a&k sr 25 with guarder sp 160. I have replaced the stock gearset to shs x-mod gear set for sr 25, a matrix aluminium piston with 19 steel teeth. It works perfectly. Now my gun is shooting nearly 570 fps with .2 bb
  4. My a&k sr 25 is a long gearbox 2.5 like the classic army with longer cylinder. I am pretty sure of it but don't know whether the classic army gearbox will fit the body or not. Thanks for your reply.
  5. I am gonna upgrade my A&K sr 25 to a DMR. I am still wondering about its gearbox. Some person in this forum said it is a clone version of Classic Army. so can the CA reinforce gearbox fits exactly in the A&K sr 25 without modification? Is there anyone here try to do this? If anyone has tried it and know please tell me or give me any recomendation. I am really appreciated any of your helps.
  6. Very sexy and very impressive gun.
  7. Hello u guys, I am very interested in this forum so I have just created new account to be part of this forum. I am from VN (indochina) where airsoft is illegal. So the airsoft guns are very rare and extremely expensive here. Usually a 250 usd gun cost me 750 usd in my country. We have a secret group and play at secret places. I joined that team half year ago and really enjoyed playing airsoft. I have owned 3 guns (1 aeg and 2 gbb) and they costed me a huge amount of money. Some words to share with u guys. I am goong to post some photos of my guns and my playing ground.
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