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  1. You are certainly welcome to apply, just be up front and honest about your weapon.
  2. You are certainly welcome to apply, just be up front and honest about your weapon.
  3. You can find more info here: http://airsoftikaika.weebly.com/join-the-team.html
  4. Paintball Station Mount Vernon has an airsoft game just about every 3rd Saturday of the month. Always a great game and good turn out.
  5. The team currently has 7 Airsoft Warriors and will max out at 12. We're a brotherhood of airsoft players that are very active in the Washington airsoft community and would like to do our part to help bring the Washington airsoft community to light so the nation can see that Washington should be considered for major Milsim events. We play with respect, honor and integrity. Most of all, we are brothers and have fun together. Check out our webpage for events we will be attending, as well as a great calendar of all events going on!! Stop by our blog and read up on airsoft related posts by our own Ikaika Padree! Say hi on our facebook page!
  6. The JG M4 is a good gun for sure. I got the upgraded lipo version on sale for $120 and couldnt be happier with it.
  7. My first AEG was a CYMA ak and it was great! Price range is about $100. I traded it for a We 1911 glock but I think eventually I will purchase another AK from CYMA.
  8. I believe they are no longer in business. I tried contacting them a while back and got no response.
  9. http://jtfwarfighter.weebly.com/airsoft-events.html Great place to find out whats going on!
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