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  1. My 048 stripped a gear after thousands of rounds and had fun replacing it. I continue to torture test it and it just keeps running. Great job, Cyma!
  2. My Cyma AK74 048 makes a screeching noise and the piston gets stuck in the cocked position until the anti-reversal latch is manipulated. I opened the gearbox and did a thorough inspection. The spur gear has one missing tooth on the outer teeth, everything else looks great. Could this possibly cause the piston to bind in the cocked position?
  3. Will biodegradeable bb's suffer any ill consequences during shipment in hot weather from several states away?
  4. - Cyma AK74: 342fps KWA SR10: 317fps Thompson 1928 (King Arms): 296fps All guns stock/unmodded. Using firearm type chronogragh, 0.3g BB's. Please share data.
  5. Sounds like there is an incredible interest in this, so I will share that the trigger contacts were deformed and dirty. I straightened them out, but I cannot find contacts for this gun. Of course the entire trigger 'y is available.
  6. Looks like the moment of contraception
  7. The trigger has required a greater length to engagement and then requires a greater trigger pull weight to fire. Sometimes it bottoms out and requires reengaging trigger. Gun was working very well with ~6k rounds. Thanks for any replies.
  8. Any updates. My King Arms 1928 has ~6000 rounds and is shooting well.
  9. I'm guilty as charged. Airsoft is my latest shooting sport obsession and I love it. Still sorting out the different forums and who knows facts vs. the 10 year old kids who think they do. Lou
  10. Real metal m4's shoot 700-900 rounds per minute or 9 to 15 RPS. Why do you guys want to achieve a ridiculous and toy-like 25+ RPS?
  11. Problem resolved. I ditched the stock KWA nub and installed the Firefly nub. I used the stock bucking after removing the groove and the 4 “fingers”. I need more shooting time, but seems to work great. Also, I tried putting a small piece of 20 ga. wire in the stock nub and that was also a great improvement.
  12. It is 3 weeks old and 4000 rounds. I am working with KWA to alleviate this issue. It seems like a really well made gun, with a minor hop up issue that likely just needs a replacement nub and/or bucking.
  13. I have now tried using .3 g bb's and they are a bit more accurate, but had no effect on the hop-up. This is driving me nuts that on full hop up the bb's drop, just like the hop up at full off. Middle of the adjustment works well, but the bb's never curve upward. I will try putting a piece of wire in the nub to make it less compressible and report back.
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