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  1. It is nice, shoots fast and at about 380fps. As I said though, Ill get it checked.
  2. Ok well he said he got it from AEX and AEX only has knights sr-16's. So... Im gonna go there and get it checked.
  3. The seller said that is the way he got the gun. Said that he thought it was a knights gun.
  4. Im sorry but can I get one more confirmation that this is a 100% legitimate gun?
  5. Hello! I bought this full metal SMAW, and was wondering if you could help me figure out its brand? Thanks
  6. Ok as long as you are sure. I don't want to be stuck with a fake.
  7. Isnt there usually a shield on the side with their logo?
  8. Hey guys! So I bought a used supposedly Knights Armament SR16. Problem is, I don't see the logo on it or anything. Could you help me verify?
  9. Thanks! Got a nice VFC Sr16 and it is great!
  10. Ok so last decision. Kwa sr10 or Knights and armements sr16 m4?
  11. I do know about both guns. Both have gotten great reviews but one is electric, and the other gas. I just would like a second opinion.
  12. So the sr10 then? I mean ugh. I really like the vector but have heard great things of the sr10.
  13. Ok well if they where the same price, and used in cqb, which one?
  14. Hi guys! I am stuck in the dilemma of which gun to get. The KWA SR10 or Kriss Vector. Any suggestions? Pros/Cons?
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