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  1. Guys, you make me more questions! Now to the point (To the gun) What gun will be better in the present generation? INTERNALS, again! So review of the topic: VFC 417 (PRESENT GENERATION) internals are not good, I will need to replace. G&G TR4-18 internals? (PRESENT GENERATION) Again, the point, what gun will be better to buy for a begginer to not changing nothing? Only answer what gun, like a poll, pleaseeee Thanks for answering!! Srry about if I question too much, but really guys that concers me, about the problems of both guns,
  2. So guys, if it´s my first gun, probably, it´s a little better to buy the G&G TR4-18? Thanks for your replies, really I appreciate them, because I want to choose the correct gun. G&G TR4-18 will be better in terms of not replacing anything?
  3. Bossman thanks for your reply!! I have a question, the change of piston, gears, etc, is difficult? or with a video in youtube I can do it?. I have an experience with Air Rifles (Pellet guns).. I was new to air rifles, and I dry-fired my Diana 48 (awesome rifle, but some expensive) so the rifle loss power. I tought it was hour to open it and change everything. I was thinking it would be very difficult, but nah, it was very very easy. So do you think changing piston, spring, gears, would be difficult? How many time it will survive the stock pieces? (piston and gears) Thanks and I really appreciate your answer!! greetings from Sonora!!
  4. Thanks very much Coyote, MMM I think will go with the VFC, the only bad things I have heard is piston, gears, and I think they will last from what I read in reviews 3-5 months or maybe more if I don´t get a lemon, lol, but I think that changes (piston, gears) are easy, so no problem, Like I told, I don´t like other models, I only like the 416/417 so, in a future I could buy the G&G for cqb, (because of the velocity) Thanks again!!
  5. Oh many thanks axil, and some problems you have with internals or nothing yet? Like when you buy it?
  6. Oh yea, but I don´t like the cqb version, if there´s still a 416D, maybe, but the large versions seems better (417 and TR4-18)
  7. Oh yeah, I know, I only say that because, the first 3-4 months I want to have fun with the gun without worrying about repairs or something. Then, when I learn more about gearbox and how to dissassembly, I will upgrade, clean, etc. Mmmm, So yea, I think I will go with VFC, maybe later I will test G&G TR4-18, only because I love the 416 model, I will have VFC and G&G versions, (But first, VFC) Thanks for helping!
  8. Thanks very much coyote, yep, I saw many people says that VFC is great, but my question will be, if because I´m a beginner, I need to maintain the gearbox with a technique or something? My expectations are to not open the gearbox a while. That´s why I heard some internals problems with the VFC, so I choose the TR4-18 as my other option..
  9. Thanks Loveyuri, Mags aren´t problem for me really, I have like 600 dollars for gun and accesories :),
  10. Hey greetings, I´m from Mexico, (in Sonora), and I want to buy a high-end airsoft rifle. My favorite model is the HK416/7 For what I was searching in the internet, I found two models that get into my price range: The G&G Top Tech TR4-18 (The large model) The VFC 417 My expectations are: First, I´m new to the high end guns, I only have owned Walmart ($50-$100) guns and I want a good gun. -Durability, I want that the gun to last long. My friend has a G&G, and his gun it´s shooting good after one year without touching the gearbox. -Doesn´t break, I don´t want to be repairing guns, because like I told, I´m new to high end guns and don´t know much about repairing the gearbox (for example, gears, piston, etc.) -Reliable -Good accuracy -I don´t really care much about the externals, because I´m new to high end guns, I really prefer 70-80% good internals, that doesn´t broke, or something like that. I have heard some problems in the VFC internals (piston brokes, gears, etc) I don't want another model gun, I love 416/417. So, really the question is.. What gun is best in durability and performance (Gearbox) Thanks and greetings from Sonora!
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