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  1. Yeap - we know. I am well beyond earning an allowance (unless you count what the Wife says is ok, lmao) but I'm not so far removed that I don't remember saving for what I really wanted instead of settling for second, third, or not even making the list, best. Actually, that still applies. Alrighty, no more threadcrapping. OP - I can say you'll never be disappointed if you save a tad longer for the real kit we produce. :)
  2. I am not trying to be a jackass here, but you surely can't be serious. $30 for something made here, to the highest of standards and used in every clime by the U.S. Military is going to be tough to beat. Let me know how that "made in China" warranty works out for you as well :) I was just providing you with a quality option that you'll get years out of. If you have to replace the Chinese model more than once you already eclipse the price with this deal. Not only do we provide for USSOCOM but we're the only manufacturer that is sponsoring an Airsoft website. You won't get better customer service and support than from us. :)
  3. Our 1647B-S will work for you :) Use your coupon code for the extra savings and enjoy the Made in America Lifetime Warranty. Other colors are available, just browse them on the website http://lbtinc.com/small-padded-equipment-belt.html General Features: Wide, padded, belt to disperse weight Modular attachment points on the outside, compatible with all U.S. Military MOLLE components. Ideal for drop pouches, magazine pouches, anchor for thigh rigs etc. Attachment points on front and back for load bearing vest or chest rigs Large adjustable side release Weight: 0.75 lbs Extra Small: XS (Up to 27”) Small: S (27”-31”) Medium:M (32”-37”) Large: L (38”-43”) Extra Large:XL (44”-49”) Double Extra Large: XXL (50”-55”)
  4. Our 6099Z (ambidextrous)will work for you and can accommodate the 8.5" barrel length of your pistol. http://lbtinc.com/modular-ambidextrous-holster-3165.html You can also get it for $29.99 + shipping right now using the coupon code LBT-HOLSTER
  5. Our LBT-6094C will fit you with the back straps loosened up. http://lbtinc.com/modular-extra-large-plat...rrier-3098.html
  6. I spaced.. Thought you said UC/ACU not ABU. Our options are limited with ABU, we do have ABU plate carriers but chest rigs never really took with the AirForce people.
  7. We do have the LBT-1961A in UC. It's not on the website right now but that can be done in just a few minutes: here is the MC version of the 1961A http://lbtinc.com/vest-h-gear-carriers/h-h...-rig-11282.html Here are all of our discounted UC items: http://lbtinc.com/universal-camo.html?limit=all And THIS one might be good for what you're looking for: http://lbtinc.com/universal-camo/low-profile-chest-vest.html
  8. I would take a look at our 6094, here It is within the range of your "wiggle" room after you use the ASF discount code (10% off your order). Search around the forums, you'll see that our plate carriers are first to none - they are used by a great number of JSOC units for a reason :)
  9. You can always go LBT! We have many different types of slings that will fit your needs.
  10. We can't get $75 or under - that's pretty cheap for what you're looking for. If you decide to spend a little more for quality made in the US of A gear let me know and we'll see what we can do for you. PS:We do have AK mags, just not on our site
  11. Looks like a regular three-point sling that they just slipped over the barrel.
  12. Part of the problem is that the tonal imagery of the pattern is not the same between suppliers and have fluctuations. Mutlicam is a licensed pattern that each manufacturer has to purchase, only the pattern itself is regulated. The manufacturer buys the pattern in whatever level of cordura they need from a supplier; one run of a 6094A could have two different shades of the pattern, it all just depends on what the supplier sends out and how they did the process on their end. The best bet would be to go out and drag your gear all over the dirt to get it dirty and then hand wash it - We used to that when I was "in" so that our new gear more closely matched our preexisting kit.
  13. What is the update on this? We've been unable to access the forum until just today - and not head on, it's still being blocked by OpenDNS
  14. You're going to run into a problem looking for a 'good brand' and 'cheap' at the same time. We offer products which are surprisingly (color me shocked) similar to this MBSS Hydration Pack you've mentioned. There are a couple choices I would recommend from the LBT lineup, all of which have a lifetime warranty and are made in the USA (with the exception of Evolution products). You can go with a modular hydration carrier in various sizes (attaches to MOLLE webbing) or you can go with the smaller hydration central packs like you've mentioned with that MBSS. LBT-2595D Mas Grey: $140.63 other revisions are $239.06 without your ASF discount LBT-2595E $184.19 before your ASF discount Again, I would recomend a product that will last you years and be usable in multiple avenues of life LBT-1476A $175.65 before ASF discount
  15. Just wanted to bring some light to a few of our products that may serve you and your teams well! LBT-2586J General Features Designed for use with the 6094 SLICK and 6094 Low Vis Plate Carriers, but can be used with any modular attachment system Super low-profile rig without the hassles of extra shoulder straps The Q.R.A.P. features a hook and loop sleeve that incorporates easily interchangeable magazine inserts which hold either of the included pouches: Speed Draw Triple 7.62 magazine pouch Speed Draw Quadruple 5.56 magazine pouch Utilizes National Molding's Molle-T, replaceable side release adapters allowing ultra-quick donning and doffing (Spare set of Molle-T are available) The front of the panel is configured with modular attachment points (for mounting extra equipment) Easy-to-secure waist strap can be adjusted with one-handed pull, and slack is secured via hook and loop "one wrap" Made of 500 Denier Cordura® Total weight: 1.09 lbs Overall Dimensions: 9" L x 24" W x 2" H LBT-1961G General Features Four M16-2 magazine pouches, flaps with hook and loop closure Two radio pouches with ¾" webbing and side release adjustable closure and reinforced outside corners Two pouches for night vision goggles/5590 batteries, flaps with hook & loop closure, removable elastic closure, located in front of radio pouches Two additional utility/fragmentation grenade pouches on the outside of NVG/battery pockets with webbing and side release closure for added security Interior pocket with elastic loops and hook & loop closure for storage of spare magazines Padded, adjustable shoulder straps with side release for attachment of backpack (not included) Rear horizontal shoulder strap with adjustable hook and loop Elastic and hook and loop closure on shoulder straps guide antenna wires/hydration bladder hose/additional modular web attachment points on closure Seven inch zippered split front closure with mesh pockets against body for flotation aid (sold separately), additional flex cuffs, or document storage Removable vinyl holster included Measurements: 41" L x 6" W x 25" H Weight: 3 lbs. LBT-6094 Plate Carrier (A,B,C) General Features The ultimate in plate carrier performance MODULAR web attachment points on entire vest profile provide maximum versatility Front, back, and side plate compatible Quick release tabs for front and back plate removal Concealable rear adjustment in cummerbund style side panels constructed with elastic for comfort and ease of movement Padded shoulder straps with additional removable wrap around pads offer extra comfort and support Wire, antenna or hydration hose guides Spine plate sleeve Reinforced drag handle Centered front pouch provides easy access to maps, magazines, or utility gear Interior hook and loop attachment points for shoulder or collar soft armor (LBT-2540KIT Ancillary Package) Interior side radio pouches Materials / Construction 500 denier Dupont Cordura Bartacked Stress Points and MODULAR webbing MIL-Spec stitching standards, Type E thread Overall size: 15.5L x 13.5W Weight: 3.13 lbs NSN: 8465-01-613-3712 From our sister company LBX Tactical LBX Assault Panel Assault panel for LBX-0061 Dual M4 mag pockets with velcro flaps Front has 6 x 3 velcro for multiple identification tags Takes Gen II(swimmers cut) soft and hard armor 500D Cordura
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