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  1. Hey whats up, Lookin for players in the cape coral/fort myers area. naples is okay if its a bigger team
  2. True. Well, so far its between a CA Sportsline SCAR-L, a JG G36c, or the TM FA-MAS. And I wouldnt be upgrading it myself, for the famas redwolf offers an upgrade option where they upgrade to a prometheus spring, and something else cant remember though. And sorry about the multiple posts, Ill keep that in mind
  3. Was wondering about a good brand to get a g36 from. 150-250$, outdoor
  4. gbb is going to be more expensive as you'll need more magazines which cost more, and then you'll need to buy gas too
  5. Oh true, was not aware you couldn't do that tanks for the heads up And Im in Southwest FL I also like this http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-ICS-SIG-252.htm ICS SIG 552
  6. I do like M4's quite a bit, so long as they at least have a rail on the bottom (prefer iron sights so don't really NEED a top rail, would like a m203 at some point though) and I know its a strong abs plastic on the FA-MAS but my JG was full metal body and gearbox, so If I did buy it'd be because its a TM and has reliability, BUT I really don't think the fps is high enough seeing as im in SWFL and will mostly be playing outdoors. I was looking at an ICS M4 CXB but thatd only really be good if I was doing cqc (which I would prefer, just not an option unless I go up to orlando). Anyways, I would like to be in the 350-400fps range, ideally Id like to get a gun I can use outdoors, but then just use a heavier BB to lower the fps for indoor. I for sure want full metal gearbox, and would like a fullmetal gun
  7. Alright, so was thinking about getting the Tokyo Marui FA-MAS SV with a power upgrade to 340-370fps, but all together thatd be like 355$ and Im not sure If I wanna pay that. Anyways, was wondering what brands or guns you guys would recommend. I used to have a JG M4 that worked pretty well but I'd like something a bit nicer in terms of build quality, if possible with the allotted budget which would ideally be between 180$-250$. Would really appreciate any help!!
  8. Hey whats up everyone, I used to browse through the forums a few years back but never made an account and was going to get back into airsoft so thought I would make an account. Anyways, I go by Lucros, nice to meet you all ^_^
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