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  1. Maybe I'll just try to install the R-Hop myself. If it really does boost performance that well then it's probably something taking to time to learn. I can experiment around on my old AK until I have a pretty good feel for it. If I install the R-Hop myself I'll probably get a Prommy barrel then. I'll get both the Lonex 70 and Prommy Purple and see which one works the best. I've heard good things from Lonex, but they only make a CA ver.7 nozzle. As for Guarder, Evike is the only place that seems to carry most of the parts I need. I don't trust Evike, and I don't like the premium I have to pay.
  2. I have just recently visited sites like Clandestine and Brill Armory, (wish I have earlier), and have been allured to the cheap pricing of the SHS and ZCI brands. Sadly, I'm looking for compression parts for my TM based M14, and a lot of the parts are out of stock, or the brands are missing a version 7 part. SHS makes a version 7 nozzle, but not a cylinder head, and ZCI makes a cylinder head, but not the nozzle. If either company makes them, I can't seem to find them anywhere. I am trying to keep most of my purchasing on Clandestine and Brill. When I first bought the M14, it already had Guarder compression parts and metal spring guide, and XYT Steel Gears. The Guarder parts or very worn out, and as far as I know I can't find any replacement O-Rings. It's time for some replacements, and I need some help. Anyways, I'm thinking about going with ZCI and trying my luck with finding a good nozzle that will work. If I did go with ZCI, I would be getting their Aluminum Piston Head, 14 Tooth Gen II Piston with steel teeth, Ver. 7 Cylinder Head, and Full Cylinder. For nozzles, I'll probably first try the Core TM Nozzle first. I'm also thinking about getting the ZCI Torque Motor. My build will consist of an M130 spring, but I'm not sure if it will get the job done. The SHS Short Torque motor is sold out everywhere, but I'm interested to see how the ZCI would compare. Next, I'm at a toss up with barrels. I'm pretty sure Prommy would come out of top if compared to ZCI, but I am also interested in R-Hop. I don't have any experience with R-Hop, and Clandestine offers ZCI barrels with R-Hop already installed. If I bought a Prommy barrel, I could try my luck installing the hop myself, or I could buy the ZCI barrel with the hop installed by someone who knows what they're doing. Both options would be around the same price. If I did go with ZCI, I would probably go with a ZCI bucking, which I have no idea how they perform. Finally, I could use some links to learn more about how to shim correctly, how to correct the AOE, and the functions of sorbopads. This is my first build, and I want to do this correctly. I've done a lot of research already and wouldn't mind reading more about these things from experienced guys. So is ZCI worth it or am I just being blinded by the cheap prices? If not, what other brands should I try to get? I'm not looking for that dream DMR that is ever so sought after. I just want a gun that will perform well and reliably, and I'm willing to put a lot of work into it. I have around a $275 budget, but any left over would be quite appreciated. Thanks for reading all this, and any input will be well appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  3. Well the o-rings on the cylinder head are worn out, and I don't really want to mix and match parts. I've never had a good compression when I had mixed compression parts, so that's why I'm getting all new Lonex ones... if I can :p
  4. Alright, so here's the part list: SHS HT Motor (Short)~ $33 Lonex Cylinder~ $14 Lonex Cylinder Head~ $17 Lonex Air Nozzle~ Can't find a TM one, unless the CA one is compatible..? Prommy 6.03 TBB~ $75 Prommy Soft Bucking~ $20 D: Only one I can find in stock... M130 Spring~ Not sure on what brand to get. I heard PDIs are pretty good but not sure what % to get... That puts me at $159, so with the other two missing parts it's probably gonna be around $190 without coupon codes or shipping.
  5. Thanks, I'll probably go with a soft bucking then. I don't think this thing is gonna be pumping out a ton of fps, hopefully when it settles it stays around 430 with .2s. I just want a battle rifle with some range :D I'll probably have a parts list up soon.
  6. Oops sorry, I meant the bucking. So with an M130 in there I would want the hard (red) type right? I heard it can jam up a lot though if you don't oil it often, which is kind of a pain for an M14.
  7. I've been looking and can't find any Prommy hop-ups in stock... Does anyone know a place where they are? If not hopefully they won't take long to come back :P
  8. Alright thanks for the help! So if I do get the Prommy Barrel, is there any hop-up & rubber combo that works well? I can't seem to find much variety for TM compatible hop-up chambers out there...
  9. I don't really want to go past $250 but I can if I need to. I'm pretty sure I'm asking for a miracle build :P
  10. Hey guys, I recently bought a M14 from a local that came with these upgrade parts: -UTG? OD rubbarized stock. -G&P metal body kit complete with trades and serial number -Guarder metal bearing spring guide -AMP M130 spring -Guarder piston -Guarder piston head -Guarder cylinder -Guarder cylinder head -Guarder tappet Plate -Guarder air nozzle -G&P trigger switch assembly -JG Motor -REAPS ME2 bucking -SCS nub -XYT steel bevel and sector gears -Deans connectors The internals are quite old and need replacing. The air nozzle is the most worn down and the cylinder parts aren't achieving a great compression. My main focus would be improving range and accuracy, but I don't have the time, desire, or budget to create a great, true DMR. With that out of the way, let's get to the tedious part :P I would like to run a Guarder M130 in it, but I'm not trusting those old XYT gears so easily under a new spring. I was thinking of getting Guarder Ver.7 Standard set, but if someone has alternatives on what would work best they would be welcomed. I'm kind of at a loss for compression, because I'm not really sure where to go. Right now it's a toss up between Lonex and Magic Box cylinder parts & air nozzles, but which one would have a better consistency and overall better compression? Or should I just get new Guarder parts? I don't have much experience with this stuff so help on where to go would be much appreciated. Next would be hop-up, bucking, and barrel upgrades. I have friends who say that Miracle Barrels actually are very good, and I kind of want to get one. However Prommy has always seemed like the best option, but I'm not sure if both barrels are as good as their price tag says they are. Are there any other nice performing but cheaper barrels out there? As for hop-up and the bucking, I have no idea. What would be the best option for either two of them? I know R-Hop is pretty nice but I'm pretty sure I would mess up its installation. Lastly, I would like to put a new high-torque motor in it. The Lonex A2 sounds like a great but expensive option. Are there any other motors that would handle the M130 with ease but have a cheaper price tag? I've read a lot on these forums and so many people have so many opinions on where to go with an M14, and clarification would be really helpful. If anyone has any comments or questions please post below :) Thanks, Chris
  11. Hi guys. I recently bought an M14 off of the Michigan Airsoft Forums. The base gun used was a CYMA M14, but the only stock parts that remain are the inner barrel and gearbox shell. Performance is ok, but I would really like to bump it up. As for right now, I'm only going to use an M130 because I don't have enough money for a nice gear set, so I'm mainly going to focus on compression. However I will also be getting a Miracle Barrel for it because I have heard a lot about them, and I'm really interested in seeing how they perform. That's the question for someone who's done this before, because I have little experience on compression builds. I've looked at 3 brands; Magic Box, Lonex, and Guarder. I would like to work with Magic Box to see if they actually live up to the expectation I've heard from them. Sadly, I can't find the version 7 parts in stock anywhere. Then lastly, I have no idea which brand would possibly seal better, Lonex or Guarder. Or would a mix of them work better? I have no idea, and I don't feel like spending the money I don't have trying to find the right combination. Feel free to tell me what has worked best for you, and what brands you used. Hopefully someone can help me out on this.
  12. I don't really need it for the field, but my friend has a full auto and it's just fun to shoot and plink at cans.
  13. Hey guys. I was looking for a good sidearm to compliment my M4 S-System, which is mainly geared for medium to longer ranges. I have a budget of $200, but it would be nice if the gun isn't any more than $125 so I have extra money to buy mags and gas. Literally everyone at the field has a 1911, so I would like to avoid those. However, I really am fond of the G series. I was thinking about this gun: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/we-g35-full-sem...stol-black.html, and I assume it would use G18 mags. So is WE a good company? If not who makes a nice glock? Hopefully someone can help me out.
  14. Hmmm... so there's no guarantee that the cylinder head will work well with it. Would buying the cylinder and cylinder head from the same brand work well if the new cylinder doesn't fit well with the stock one? I don't really want to go that much over $100 between the suppressor, barrel, bucking, and the cylinder and or cylinder head. The bucking, suppressor, and barrel cost around $65. Add the cylinder and that becomes $85. However, one question is how well will the Madbull 455mm perform compared to the Prommy 363mm? Now that I begin to think about it, it would be slightly cheaper and really easy to install if I got the Prommy if they perform similarly. I just want to bump my accuracy and range. I would use the same bucking, the G&G green bucking, and use .25s bbs.
  15. So would this be a good one to get then? http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=38481
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