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  1. Hey there everyone, looking for a WE G26c select fire pistol or WE G27. I've been interested in one of these compact beauties for a while, and I would rather have one that's been broken in rather than brand new. So if you have one you're interested in parting with, hit me up with a PM and a price. Thanks!
  2. Hey all, looking for a used UTG M3, preferably in the M1014/M4 variant as stated in the title. Working on a project and I really need to get my hands on one. Again, I preferably want a used version as I'll be modifying it heavily. If you have some form of this shotgun even if it's a different brand, please shoot me a PM as well.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm working on a project and am looking for a used UTG M4 Super 90/M1014 or similar style tri shot shotgun to use as the base model. It has to be the variant that has a retractable stock. Preferably in used functional condition. Link shows the product I'm looking for. http://www.evike.com/products/37031/
  4. You have an interested buyer man, check your messages
  5. Hey there, This is probably one of the only actual posts I e ever made here, but I have a quick question that hopefully one of you may be able to solve. I recently received an empty 880rd 7.62x54R crate from a coworker, the kind that holds two "spam cans". I plan on turning it into something, but not sure what yet. I need to get some more information on it before I decide what to do with it. The exterior dimensions don't bother me as it will be cosmetic, it's the interior that I plan to work with. Only problem is, I'm out of town and have no way of measuring it, and the fount of knowledge that is Google isn't turning anything relevant up either. Is there any chance one of you may have one laying around and can pull some interior dimensions for me?
  6. Hey there! I am currently in need of boneyard airsoft equipment and magazines for a few types of guns. Specifically with boneyard gear, I am looking for rifles or SMG's that are broken, non functioning, wrecker, scrap, or guns hat have gone through a lot, or have a ton of mileage on them. I'm looking for guns that may have a lot of wear or are damaged. I use a lot of these as props, so I'm not concerned with airsoft functionality, and physical wear is a bonus. As for magazines, it's the same boat, figured if anyone has any extra mags they'd be willing to part with, shoot me an offer. I'm looking for mid caps specifically, but hicaps will do. Mag types are as follows: AK, M4, and P90 magazines. If you have any Thompson magazines, I'm also looking for those. Thanks for looking, this is first come first serve, I only have so many funds to spare!
  7. Already messaged him lol, but what parts are you looking for? I've got 2, if you need something, let me know as well
  8. Hey there! Just bought a couple of CO2 KWC Desert Eagles off of eBay, the seller had mentioned that they were missing guide rail bars, but failed to mention anything else that was wrong with the guns. Also my boneyard supplier just ran out of busted Desert Eagles, so I've got 2 fixer-upper guns, and no parts. So now I'm on a lookout for illusive KWC Desert Eagle parts. I'm primarily looking for boneyard pieces, I'd rather not buy a working one or one in rather good condition. If anyone happens to have a busted one in their position, please contact me! Also, I'm always looking to get my hands on other boneyard items, if you have something that doesn't work or something that broke and you just don't wanna mess with it, let me know! But right now, primarily KWC CO2 Desert Eagle components .
  9. Hey there, I am looking to buy some boneyard airsoft guns. To be precise, I am looking for anything that may be functionally broken, gutted for parts, the kind of "gun" that has been gathering dust in your closet waiting to be thrown away. It has to be aesthetically functional, or at least in a condition than can be repaired for use as a prop in a film. Example 1: An old JG M4, gutted for parts. Hop up bucking salvaged for a use after another one broke, gears transplanted after another one of your guns ground the teeth off after getting stuck. Motor taken out. But exterior is fine, and can be used immediately for a prop. So it is a good buy Example 2: Echo 1 G36c. Parted out, certain internals are missing, handguard is gone along with the lower receiver and flash hider. Parts are needed, for screen use, but can be found easily. Example 3: Your first AEG, an AK-47 you forgot what the brand was. Dropped it a several times, the faux wood is scuffed and chipped in a great many places. The paint is scraped off in several locations on the low quality metal receiver and is starting to rust. The gun started squealing and producing funny smelling smoke one day and you put it under your bed in hopes that one day you could repair it, but got a better gun in the mean time. Perfect piece for a movie! The guns I want are not for airsoft use. It is for a film my brother and I are working on. I have my own little collection of stuff, and if I want new functional guns, I'll consult the FS or seller websites. But the boneyard sections of sites are a little pricey for me counting that most of them are "brand new" guns. Definite lack of boneyard items on the FS forum, and I know they're out there. Please PM me with your wares! Please let me know if I did something wrong, I will immediately fix it or sign up for anything. I read the pinned subjects and didn't see anything really stand out, first post here...
  10. Hey I am new here, I read the rules, and they are similar to the 405th's and 501st's, so forgive me if I come off a tad noobish. Anyway I own a DBoys Scar Mk16, and I am currently attempting to customize the upper receiver. The image below is what I am aiming to do. Since the upper is some type of aluminum, I was going to take off the black paint and sand it down to a nice shine. I have a friend who is an art major and her and her mother are going to help me a little bit with stenciling and decals, but I do have a few questions. First off the Scar is a very boxy gun. it has flat sides and not many recessed parts which makes sanding very easy for the most part. The problem I see myself running into is the rail. Since the rail is part of the upper it won't come off, so I have to sand it, what is the easiest way to get in between the crevices on the rail to get every inch of paint off of the thing? I may work at a zoo now, but I used to work for a prosthetics company. In fact I still have access to the facility's tools, resources, and supplies. This includes Sand Blasters, routers sanders, dremels, aluminum tubing, copolymer plastic sheeting, and all sorts of stuff like that, it's a project junkie/handyman's dream workshop. So I was also wondering, since I do have access to a Sand Blaster, could I use that? I mean what kind of grit sizes would I need, I did some research but can't figure out how to give my gun a nice shine using a blaster, but I could have just been searching in the wrong places. I figured that using a sand blaster would be easier to get into the rail crevices, but then again, the sand blaster may not work the way I want it to at all, so that's why I was wondering if anyone had tried it before? Again this is my first project, and I am not going to test it on my gun to start off, I have a spare receiver on order to test any new projects on (trust me, you will be seeing my projects as they come along) But if I have any more questions, I am going to post them here. Thanks a lot!
  11. Actually the name is Will, but you know the deal, screen names are easily recognizable. I am a 19 year old who works at the local zoo. I own a Dboys MK16 SCAR-L, MK13 EGLM, and a WE 1911. I love the sport, but here in Indiana, paintball is the dominant combat based sport, so I don't play as much as I would like to. Instead I enjoy coming up with weapon decal and art designs. I can't wait to start participating!
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