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  1. They have some good stuff and FREE shipping but there is no much review on internet about it? Any one know some about them? Link: https://www.pandaairsoft.com/
  2. Has anyone done business with this site 365airsoft? If so, how long does shipping usually take? They are free shipping. http://www.365airsoftshop.com
  3. Hello, Plain and simple, how do you fellow forum users feel about this site? htttp://www.bbairsoftshop.com Thanks
  4. I found this site: http://www.bbairsoftshop.com I am not sure if it is legit though. Do you guys know them? Thanks
  5. Hi, I am looking for vest and uniforms, EHobbyAsia, Red Wolf Airsoft should be reliable but shipping cost is too high, I was wondering if there is a better website to buy off of with better prices. I want safe website which is free shipping or cost lower fee . BTW, I found a site(http://www.mk18airsoft.com) carry many of these items, especially for Emerson brand, but I don't know whether it is safe or not. Do you guys here have any other recommendations? I don't want to spend too much on shipping. Thanks in advance
  6. http://www.365airsoftshop.com (based in HK), good but have to wait
  7. As it says in the title, has anyone used them before and would you recommend them? Is it legit to buy or not legit to buy? here is their site: http://www.365airsoftshop.com/ Thanks
  8. I've been screwed over by some Airsoft stores for too long. I know that evike, Rewolf, EBairsoft etc... are all approved sites to buy from but has anyone around here done business with from mkzairsoft.com? I was browsing through and just want others opinions before ordering anything. Are they a good or legit company to order from? Any experience or recommendation? Thanks
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