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  1. Silencers/ Barrel Extensions - Prices: $17.99 to $39.99 Red Dot Sights - SRS/ M2/ T1/ ACOG - Prices: $34.99 to $129.99 Element E-Lites - Red/Blue/Green/Infrared - Prices: $12.99 Element Flashlights: M3X/M300/M600 - Prices: $44.99 to $47.99 Element E1000 Shooting Chronograph - Price: $65.99 Z-Tactical Headset & PTT - Prices: $24.99 to $39.99 High Speed & Raptor's Lightweight Helmets - Prices: $47.99 to $64.99 2.5% Reward Program Free Shipping over $75.00 Low Shipping Costs starting at $1.99 Visit us at www.eagleairsoft.com Thank You!!
  2. We are selling a Socom Gear MK1 PWS MK112 AEG Rifle This AEG is Brand New. Manual is Online at Socom Gear's website Price: $225.00 Shipped via UPS Ground w/ Insurance Original Price: $260.00 Fully licensed by Primary Weapon Systems (PWS) these aegs offer authentic markings and an outstanding package. The 12" Mk112 is perfect for both sniper and outdoor skirmishes. Now available with a fully licensed receiver this is the first complete PWS Mk112 airsoft gun on the market. Comes pre-installed with a Madbull one-piece outer barrel and Madbull Mk112 free float rail system. Features: Fully licensed receiver authentic PWS markings Fully licensed PWS Mk112 free float rail system by Madbull Fully licensed PWS compensator by Madbull One piece Madbull outer barrel Total of 3 quick-detach sling mounts on the rail 20mm rails for any kind of attachments, vertical grips, lasers, lights, grenade launchers, etc. Correct spec crane stock with storage compartment Sling mount pre-installed on stock base Enhanced pistol grip with upgraded motor base Movable charging handle 450round high capacity magazine included One piece adjustable hop-up Advanced hardened polymer receiver (much more durable than standard plastics) Shoots approx. 370fps with .20g bbs We are also adding a set of Element Airsoft Ergo-Lok Rail Panel Covers
  3. Hello ASF members, We have an assortment of Bravo Airsoft V1 Strike Steel Facemasks on Sale!! Cost is $15.00 shipped Payment: Paypal Quantity Available: 5 Each Color Colors: Tan/ Desert/ OD Green/ Woodland
  4. We are offering to all ASF forum members a 7% discount coupon to use on all Condor products Coupon Code: asfcondor Plus we are offering Free Shipping on orders over $75.00 www.eagleairsoft.us
  5. Hello ASF Members. We received a new shipment of Condor Tactical gear. Multicam, OD Green & Coyote Tan products: Vests/ Magazine Pouches/ Hydration Carriers/ Jackets/ Pouches/ Hats All at MAP pricing. We also introduced a new shipping program. With this program, the more you buy the more you save. Your first item costs only $1.99 and with each additional item the shipping price increases $1.00 When you reach 5 items, the shipping cost is Free!!! Plus with our 2.5% Reward program, you can use the money to save on your next purchase. No need to wait months to use the coupon. Once you hit 40 points, you can cash them in or accrue them over time. www.eagleairsoft.us
  6. Sorry, I do not quite understand? I buy them from my supplier.
  7. Hello ASF Members, I am gauging an interest on doing a Group Buy on the Element E-Lites Colors: Red/ Green/ Blue/ Infra-Red Price: $12.00 Shipped each color* *Individual Colors will come in Bulk Packaging If you want to buy the whole set** - Price: $40.00 shipped **Whole Sets will be in Retail Packaging If you can respond to this topic so that I can get an estimated count. I will leave this open until August 31st. Then the week of September 1st I will start the ordering and collecting money for the Group Buy. Thanks
  8. Hello ASF Members, I wanted to first thank everyone for their business and comments over the past few months. After getting a few things straightened out, I am back open for business. I am slowly growing my inventory back to where it was. I do have some new Magpul PTS items in stock: Maglinks MS2/MS3 Slings CTR/STR/ACS Stocks PEQ Boxes w/ Red or Green Laser CTR/MOE Cheek Risers Silencers/ Barrel Extensions RSA QD GoGun Gas Pedals Also, back in stock: E-lite (Red) Element SF Flashlights (M300A/M600C) T-1 Sight M2 Sight and more items to be listed by the end of this week. www.eagleairsoft.com
  9. More Condor Products added today!! Vests Gloves Pouches Slings Belts Accessories
  10. We have AEG parts, Accessories, Batteires, Chargers & GBB Pistols and more on sale!! Parts as low as $1.00 We accept Paypal and Major Credit Cards You will not pay more than $14.95 in shipping costs, no matter how much you buy
  11. Hello ASF Members, We are closing our store and we are selling our remaining inventory at wholesale prices!! We are adding more items daily, so make sure to check back often. The store will officially be closed on July 27 2013 Thank you again for all your support and business. Jeff Eagle Airsoft www.eagleairsoft.us
  12. Hello ASF Members, I have one special deal for a Echo1 Timberwolf GBB Pistol. The pistol does have some wear on the outer barrel from customers racking the gun back and forth. The gun has never been fired or used outside. This package also includes 4 brand new Timberwolf magazines. These will not fit KWA/ KSC pistols Total Package price is $170.00 shipped. (Regular price is over $220) First come first serve. Thank you.
  13. Hello, Are these the Airsoft Versions with the Cortex Clip? We see that the other major retailers are selling them for $70+ "Airsplat: $79.99 plus shipping" We took a look on Ebay and typed in ESS google with Cortex Clip and we are the cheapest. I know they sell just the military goggle for that much, not with the cortex clip (Airoft Version) Could you send a link on anyone selling the ESS Goggle with Cortex Clip for $15-$20.00 Thanks
  14. Hello ASF Members, We have the AMP Tactical XL BB Loaders on Sale!! $10.00 shipped for one or $18.00 shipped for two. Capacity: 470 Rounds PM for payment details These BB loaders are translucent smoke in color so you can see exactly how many bbs are left in each loader. XL Size is shaped like a M4/M16 magazine and holds 470 BBs. It will fit easily into a rifle magazine pouch! Will lload standard magazines in seconds and is easy to use.
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