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  1. Alright, so I've been playing airsoft for nearly five years now. I've had several guns ranging from a Classic Army starter kit M16 to a Tokyo Marui M4A1 and P90. The only problem is my friend picked up a KWA M4A1 which has nearly 400 FPS and all of my guns are now woefully underpowered by comparison. Anyway, I'm on the market for another AEG and I came across the WE M4A1 shooting 400 FPS for $180 (on Evike it was originally listed at $220). I've read many reviews and the gun's greatest flaw seems to be that its paint job scratches easily. This doesn't concern me as I am interested more with the gun's accuracy and range rather than its aesthetics. However, I just don't understand how two seemingly equivalent guns can be listed nearly $100 apart (KWA's M4A1 is $295). I was hoping some of you could tell me your experiences with either of the rifles so that I could decide which gun to buy.
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