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  1. Ah so the way I understand it is that fields let the "sniper rifle" guns use a higher FPS than a fully auto assault rifle for example? So being a sniper in Airsoft isn't idiotic like it is in paintball then?
  2. Ok so coming from paintball, the general idea was that there is no such thing as a sniper. (This was before they came up with those "First Strike" paintball rounds.) I've fallen out of the loop and I don't know is that is still how it is. Probably still is.. A "Sniper" would usually be a guy with a normal paintball gun just hiding in a ghillie suit or something, waiting for people to pass by and shoot them. That was basically it. The paint guns all shot at about 300 FPS and they went the same range. You'd be reckless and get in trouble if you tried to make your gun shoot farther. Since all the guns shot about the same, being a "sniper" basically meant you just camped alot. And paintball guns don't really go that far, so all in all it was a pretty silly thing to do in my opinion. Putting a scope on a paintball gun was also lol-worthy because of their range and ball drop. Is it the same deal in airsoft though? Do the bbs in airsoft go significantly farther that allows a person to "snipe"? Do the BBs not drop as quickly as paintball... Makes sense that they wouldn't... I see alot of airsoft sniper rifles that can shoot more than 500 fps, but what is the point if a field will limit your FPS? I also see people with huge sniper scopes on their rifles, do these actually work or are they just for show? Can somebody shed some light on this? If being a sniper in airsoft is something that is actually worth doing I wouldn't mind getting into it. I remember how disappointed I was when people in paintball told me that being a sniper is just glorified camping prone.
  3. Hey guys, before I head out to play some Airsoft I was wondering if I could use my paintball mask instead of buying an airsoft mask. I've heard that high end paintball masks are actually safer to use for airsoft than "airsoft masks", is that true? This is the paintball mask I have (THE Ultimate mask for people with a face small enough) http://www.amazon.com/DYE-Paintball-Therma...s/dp/B002BL3WD8 I'm looking for maximum safety. Thanks guys.
  4. What is the big deal with these polarstar guns? Are they really that good or is somebody just sour they got beat by a better player? Tanks and hoses? I thought I left that crap behind in paintball :\ .
  5. I've heard really good things about VFC, my budget is <2000 dollars. VFC only does AR and SCAR type guns though right?
  6. Yeah, I will tell them what I found wrong with it before I do. But the gun was perfectly lubed up and it still made a big scratch in the metal. I've shot about... maybe less than 40 rounds through it. I don't really think there is an excuse for that.
  7. Well, anyways I am returning the 1911 I bought for a refund probably. I found a few problems with it.. The slide is scratching some of the metal while you shoot it and you can see through the gap between the gun and the slide when you look at it sideways. Kinda silly for a 150 dollar gun. I'm wondering whether I want to get a pistol or an AEG to start out with now. And for all the people telling me to go to an airsoft store instead of asking online, the way I heard it is the one nearest to me that would have a good supply is a kinda long drive, so I would if I had the time currently.
  8. Alright, how about an H&K G3A3, any of those around? Also how good of a brand is Ares? Edit: Damn, the impression I'm getting so far is that the most realistic and well made guns are all M4/M16 variants. Am I correct?
  9. I was looking at some P90s... Didn't really know what was good.. I didn't like how some of the mags had fake bullets in them though. Then I thought I might go with an Steyr Aug, Do they make them in full metal? The more metal the better!
  10. So you guys recon if I invest in a KWA AEG... I wouldn't really need or find anything better? Also I noticed they only have M4 model guns? What other options are there out there that are on par with KWA but have other types of weapons? Thanks alot everybody
  11. Alright then, what brands can I look at for top notch AEGs that are fully metal and as realistic as possible? Are TM AEGs plastic like their guns too? How about Systema? I've heard mixed things about them.... Are they worth the dough? Oh and whats the deal with everybody always getting M4 / M16 style guns? Is it just a popular choice or do they perform better than the others?
  12. For some reason my forums just changed to look like this: http://prntscr.com/15mp03 How can I see all the replies at once instead of having to click the links at the bottom? Thanks.
  13. I'd like a full metal gun... Would a picture help? http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/origin...ardballer_1.jpg Thank you.
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