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  1. I checked the air nozzle movement and it seems alright. I shoot the gun in full auto, and stop it when the piston reaches the very back. I then connect in to the hop up and look into the chamber and I see that the nozzle is touching the lip of the hop up bucking. Thanks Hellion!
  2. Hi everybody, I have been assembling my M4 together these days and it is shooting at a very low fps. First I tested my gun with a method I came up with on the internet, but I don't know if it is a reliable way to show that whether my gun has an airleak problem or not so please take a look! And if this is the case, is it because of my air nozzle or tappet plate? (Hop up had been reinstalled several times and should not be the main problem) Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi everyone, recently I bought a maple leaf hop up chamber with the steel piece which located on the top of the hop up to adjust the hop up. After installation, I peep through the hole and found out that the two hop up dots actually don't aligned. I assume it is the steel piece that cause the problem, so I would like to ask if there is a standard method to adjust that steel piece, as I don't wanna bend it wrongly which ends up messing up my accuracy :/ Thanks for the help :)
  4. Damn true but ehobby is still out there, just moved to San po Gong
  5. Currently working on my shimming, correcting AOE and short stroking technique.. Actually I don't need parts now, but I was asking to see if you have cheaper parts so that I may buy from you next time
  6. Haha nice and yeah, most of the airsoft shops are around each other at that region like CA, DEN, cop9gun, toyko model and some more. So can I order parts from you? Just wanna get cheaper parts and don't wanna search everywhere for SHS parts :/
  7. Guges are you from Hong Kong as well? My favourite is Shooter Combat Gear but it opens late and close early... like 5pm to 8pm lol There are a lot of SHS parts and also offered in a good price.
  8. Greating from Hong Kong as well
  9. I see.... so what is the good thing of this glue compare to others?
  10. Should I buy a new cut off level? I think I have used this cut off level in different gearboxes and there are always problem in the switch part. However, when I compare it with a normal one, there is no difference... and how do you glue the screw in? Just dip superglue in and hold the screw in place for second? Also, I have searched online that someone says that putting some teflon tape on the screw and just screw in it which will work fine. Would this be working? Sorry I never used CA. What is CA?
  11. Yes I did change the cut off lever because the last one has worn out. Btw yesterday I open my gearbox and found out that the anti-reverse latch spring is broken. After that I wanted to inspect my switch so I unscrewed the screw which holds the switch, when I want to put it back I found that the thread in the gearbox which hold the switch screw is stripped..... is there any method I can fix this... thanks.
  12. I was thinking if that was a selector plate problem since I was not pressing the selector plate hard enough to the left to make the spring of the cut off lever to compressed. After pressing it harder, the gearbox is able to take around 100 semis without breaking down. After a while I tried again but the problem remains..... Is that a selector /cut off lever problem ? Thanks..
  13. What do you mean by turn around? The back of the gearbox doesnt seem to show anything.... Btw I discover that after knocking the gearbox a few times after it breaks down it will run again, but after 10-20 semis it will stop again.
  14. Hi everyone, after putting back my gearbox together, the problem is that when I test the motor outside the gearbox, it works perfectly fine. Video: But after I put it back into the grip, the first few shots are fine but after I switch to auto, nothing moves and I cant even feel the motor moving a little bit inside the grip. Video: After a while, I disconnect the battery and connect it back again, sometimes it will work in shooting semi and auto. I have tried to connect the battery to another gun and it shoots perfectly fine... Does anyone know what is the problem? Also, as the motor connector is broken, I solder the connector onto the plate (to be precise sticking on the spring) and down there is the photo.
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