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  1. ok, so I found this gun http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/1880-400-f...098-g3-sg1.aspx and I really like it, anyone got any suggestions for guns with great great range from $100 to $150? TY
  2. Where can I get a MAG-K for around $150 or a tokyo Marui for $150 and decent fps
  3. They have some really nice tar21's on plenty of sights, I personally like tars cause they look so cool! You should look into it!
  4. I could go up to 150 dollers, if its a good gun, and very trustworthy maybe a bit more even, and I like the guns btw =) im leaning towards the famas right now
  5. Im looking to buy a new gun that looks unusuall. For Example, the tar21 was one of my options, the only problem is, I want it at around $130 and around 390-400 fps, any suggestions?
  6. I am lookin to buy an airsoft in, but I really need a good long warranty, at least one year, hopefully two. Can anyone give me any suggestions?
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