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  1. What other retailers would I be able to get a Hi-Capa or Desert Warrior under $160 shipped?
  2. I'll keep an eye out. I don't like the foliage color as much but it may be all I can get for that price.
  3. Must be an strange functioning magazine... It seems like those are sold out everywhere too. So the Desert Warrior is $158 plus tax, and I can get it shipped free, should I go for it or look for cheaper ways if they exist? And will it have that painted on orange tip?
  4. GI is sold out of every model, but I did find the Desert Warrior on Evike, it wasn't showing up under the Pistol Models category. Also, does the Desert Warrior use 4.3 or MEU magazines?
  5. I've been thinking about getting a TM Hi-Capa or Desert Warrior, but then I realized that every site I had seen it on would charge $30-40 in shipping because they're overseas. Are there US retailers that regularly stock TM pistols, or does everyone just pay that shipping? I live in CA, if that makes a difference. Thanks
  6. Yep I'm going to try that. Thanks for the help.
  7. That's not the issue. That little peg thing is metal so idk if I can reattach it reliably
  8. Here's the spot where it came from. (circled). Once again, sorry for photo quality. And I think this is my first time posting here so sorry for anything I did wrong in the post
  9. Here is the piece that broke off. Sorry for photo quality
  10. So last nigh,t at my local arena, when I was using my Echo1 MFR9, my trigger got stuck and wouldn't pull. I talked with one of the place's techs, and he said it was probably the safety latch out of place and blocking the trigger. I opened up my gearbox and the piston was stuck all the way back and a small piece of metal from the gearbox came out. The issue ended up being that that piece of metal that came out was kind of a guide for the trigger contacts and one of the contacts got stuck out of place so the trigger wouldn't pull. So is this repairable or do I need a whole new gearbox shell for that little piece? If I need a whole new gearbox shell, what would be a good one under $50? I was looking at some of the 9mm shells on Evike, anyone know anything about them? Thanks.
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