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  1. Ok thanks. Tonight I'll soddder or liquid electrical tape any spots like that. Hopefully that will fix it up.
  2. Hello all on ASF. I have a problem with my P90 gearbox, specifically my wiring harness. My gun shoots fine for about 100 rounds or so and then just stops. The motor contacts (soddered because one is broke), the battery, and the wiring all becomes really hot. The trigger contacts touch and just spark. The motor acts like it wants to work but just torques for half a seconds and just stops. This is the case for about 15 minutes. After that the gun goes back to working just fine. I run a ICS turbo 3000 motor, 9.6v 4000mah nimh, M120 spring, and rewired with 16 guage wire with deans. I believe the problem is a short but I'm not sure and is there any way to fix my problem? Thanks, Shoopyk
  3. Today I have some stuff for sale. ALL ITEMS CAN BE NEGOTIATED OR YOU CAN PLACE AN OFFER. I use Paypal Only. All items are the shipped prices but can be negotiated. You can PM me here or for quicker response Text me at 570-492-3554 or email Shoopyk.98<AT>gmail.com Verification picture: First, the gun. It started as a Evike Custom P90 Terminator Full Size Airsoft AEG w/ Box Mag & RIS. I have bought many upgrade parts for it and it's been sent to Airosft GI for a Upgrade. It's been my project gun and I have spent a lot of time on it. It was painted by myself, woodland camo with a clear coat. It's short stroked by 3 teeth, only shoots full auto, has great range and grouping. It doesn't come with the AFG grip. I will include the 11.1v 30c 1300mah lipo battery. AOE corrected and shimmed by Airsoft GI. A battery can be placed in the back or a large battery can be put in the box mag because I cut holes and wired extension cables internally. I will also include some spare parts like, motors, screws, gear set, and some other things. $250+shipping OBO (Willing to budge because I wana sell this quick) Airsoft GI choroned it at 345fps and I'm guessing it shoots close to 30rps. List of Parts: M115 spring steel ball bearing spring guide Aluminum Ported piston head POM 1/2 metal rack swiss cheesed piston Matrix 16/1 ratio gear set Angel custom Hop up unit Madbull 363mm 6.03 black inner barrel G&G green bucking (flat hopped with custom hop up arm) ICS turbo 3000 speed motor Sorbo Pad Upgrade cut off lever Upgrade anti reversal latch Deans connectors ...And other stuff I can't think of right now. These are the spare parts included with gun put can part out. 2 Barrels: the stock P90 and Prometheus 363mm 6.03 TBB. $5 each+shipping or free with gun. This is the included battery and a C-More sight that's shattered but still works. Battery is $5+shipping OBO and sight is free if you want it. If you buy the gun, I'll throw in the condor ACU camo 30" gun bag. $10+Shipping OBO Random helment and Mask. Free, just pay shipping 3-9 zoom X 40mm scope from an old VSR-10. Clear but some scratches. $10+shipping
  4. Not too much to say here other than I lost a 7mm bushing and need to replace it because I don't have any spares. I am looking for 1-6 full metal (bearings or not) bushings for a AEG. Please Email me at Shoopk.98<AT>gmail.com or PM here on ASF. I have PayPal and will pay for shipping plus item(s). Thanks, Shoopyk.98
  5. **EDIT** they are 7mm bushings. Hello, while working on my P90, I have lost one of bushings. I have no idea what mm it is but if you know that would be great. I want to buy 1-6(full set) steel V.6 or equivalent sided bushings. Please PM more or better yet email me at shoopyk.98<AT>gmail.com if you could spare a/some bushing(s). We can work out price. Thanks a bunch, Shoopyk.98
  6. Hello all. Today I am looking for a eoteh holographic sight replica. I am open to any offers. I don't want to spend over $50. Just email me at shoopyk.98<AT>gmail.com or PM with a preferred picture and description. Thanks. EDIT: I am also looking for some Magpul rail covers and a Magpul AGF.
  7. Make sure the port in the cylinder is towards the back. Seems like that the problem to me. It sounds stupid but I had the same problem one time and flipping the cylinder fixes it. Just make sure..
  8. Hello all. I am working on a Well MB03 and I need a few things. I figured I would come here before a online store. 1.) I send all my money through PayPal 2.) I will pay for shipping 3.) Gmail me at shoopyk.98gmail.com for faster response and easier notification Here is the list of things I am looking for: -Any sort of Illuminated scope -48" Rifle bag -MB03/VSR10 Bipod rail -500mm Tightbore barrel -Any lightly used to new VSR10 & clones internal parts Thanks a lot guys. Feel free to email me or PM me. I am open to anything. -Shoopyk.98
  9. Would you be willing to trade your M15 or MP5 for a P90 of mine? It has a lot of money and time into it. I could make a perfect fast RoF gun. I needs a piston, anti-reversal latch spring, and hop up bucking. All of which are very cheap and would probably changed any way for a high speed build. PM me if you are interested for pictures and details. If you don't want to trade I'd still be interested in the M15. PM me.
  10. Is the M4 with the tank RiS actually for sale because there is no price/description.
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