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  1. For your Price Range, I would suggest ICS/JG JG if your entire airsoft budget is 200$, because I promise you you cant "just buy a gun" but they have some really nice entry-level M4's as well as a lot of models other companies don't make, like G3's, etc. but If you can go over 200 to buy gear, ICS makes a lot of really sweet guns, and they have solid internals. My personal favorite(and probably my next Gun purchase) is the ICS G33. its a lot like a G36 but its got a lot of futuristic features to it, and it takes m4 mags without any extra work, unlike G36's. at 400-430 FPS it shoots a little hot for CQB, but you can put a lower spring in it to reduce FPS. Its Price is 250$, but I bel;ieve its worth the extra fifty. Hope this was of use.
  2. Make sure to get something with RIS. lots of RIS. that allows you to add the desirables such as scopes, sights, lasers, foregrips, flashlights, etc.
  3. Well I agree with that. for the record I don't own a dremel, and did it by hand with a file and a chisel. Talk about aggravating.
  4. nonononono. I have heard so much negative about the Combat Machine its unthinkable. complete polymer outside, and really bottom of the barrel interior. the dollar to quality ratio lines up JG in the first place. Id recommend the JG M4 S-System, M4CQBR, or M4 SR16. JG's advantage is their externals IMO. although plastic, they have many metal parts, and the plastic is very very sturdy. I would look at JG's product lineup and listen to as little "Cumbutt Machine" talk as possible. <AT>everyone who +'d the CM: Do any of you actually OWN one?
  5. That can be remedied very easily. 10 minutes with a dremel tool can open that compartment up enough to allow any size of small type batteries. mine holds a Tenergy 9.6 NIMH with ease. and the sturdiness of the S-System is incredible for the price. But If you are set on those two, then yes, the SR16 is a better buy. the RIS really changes the game when it comes to attachments, allowing you to mount a lot of them. Not that my opinion is affected by my hatred for the M4A1 And unless He's getting a G&G Proline, then ignore that brand. I know a lot of people that like their KA stuff, but I cant personally vouch for their products. I know nothing about SRC, but their products seem nice.
  6. Here and there we jokingly refer to KWA as "Kdubb" [which is how us american East-coaster's/Southerners pronounce "KWA" (Kay--Dubb--Yay )] on another airsoft forum I frequent. don't feel silly
  7. for around $300, you can do a good deal better than a KWA aeg. Id look into a VFC or a G&P with that budget. KWA's GBB's rule, but their AEG's arent top of the Line. If you're set on a Kdubb, check out the M4A1 CQR. just over 300, and a lot of cool features. hope this helps
  8. Well Hello there. My Name is John. I am almost 19 years young, and live in Southern FL. born and raised in and around Central VA, and living on a farm for 5 years, I am a country boy through and through. I played Paintball for about a year when I was 12/13 and it got too expensive. some friends introduced us to airsoft via WalMarts selection, and I was hooked. I have never played at a regulated field, and have about zero tactical gear, and am new to tournament level airsoft, although I love it and am learning AMAP. my limited loadout consits, now solely(after the death of my only pistol mag), of my JG M4 S-System. aside some safety gear, and a few paintballing items that I can use for airsoft, I definitely am taking on the freedom-fighter look, which I ADORE. Im planning on obtaining more gear, but having just graduated High School only 2 weeks ago, Im getting a job to pay for that and other thins. I love to learn and have some advice to give (although Im sure its all well-known to 99% of the people here) and love helping people out. Im also a singer/songwriter, guitarist, play a little Bass, and adore many kinds of Music. Ill talk all day about that stuff, and my favorite bands are: Skillet, Daughtry, 3 Doors Down, RED, Breaking Benjamin, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Manafest, and Florida Georgia Line. This isnt the first forum/airsoft forum Ive been on so I know many standard rules (Profanity/ trolling etc.) but If I make any infractions, let me know, and Ill gladly revise any wrongdoing. Hope to get to know Y'all soon!
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