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  1. I just got a dboys m4 cqbr and the gun works and looks great. But the one flaw I can find with it is that the rails wobble a good bit and I have experienced this many imes on other m16/m4 guns before. But I have a foregrip on this one that makes it really noticeable. So I was wondering if anyone had sugestions. I have tried the tape method with no success and the youtube videos on it don't help becouse the dboys is such a different design. Any responses are appreciated and thank you.
  2. I have a CYMA 1928 thompson and the gun had been functioning fine up until a few days ago. First the drum mag would not feed correctly, and now it wont shoot ob semi auto correctly. The magazine is a problem I can live with considering they are replaceable, but I use semi auto the most to save on ammo and now it will get on sucsessful shot on semi and the rest will be bursts of 5 shots to even 20 shots. It is too unpredictable and I need to get it fixed. I took apart the gun and the internals seem fine and I called the manufacturer but I had to leave a manufacturer. And it cant be the battery because I put it in my M-16 and it worked perfectly. Any sugestions would be very appreciated and thank you.
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