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  1. So I have an extra real steel Magpul Moe Fixed Rifle Stock and I was wondering how I can attach it to my DMR? Been trying to figure out a way to get it on but nothing I have found online has provided much help. I have been able to attach it to a GBB body but cant seem to find a way to get this on an AEG. If anyone has experience with this sort of thing and could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks below are some pictures of the stock and my gun.
  2. I also forgot to mention I work for a small machine shop. I have access to all types of CNC cutters and such to be able to make the part once its finished if that's something else your interested in.
  3. I could definitely help you out if your still looking. I have fully licensed 2013 Solidworks software and it just so happens I purchased a Matrix Super Shooter CNC 8mm Aluminum Ver 2 Gearbox this last weekend. Wouldn't even take long at all message me and lets talk sounds rather interesting.
  4. So as the title says I am looking to have major work done to my AEG. I have been searching for a tech to help me finish my build and I got in contact with a couple people but have yet to hear anything back. Still trying to figure out the specifics but I am going to for sure want an ER-Hop and a BTC Chimera installed. Possibly looking at having a gearbox built as well. Please feel free to message me if you can help or know of someone close by that can be of assistance. Thanks
  5. Probably should have replied to your post individually here. My bad
  6. So I am finally ready to begin converting my G&P sentry into a DMR (or something close to it) and I would like some suggestions. I have done my fair share of research on the topic and I believe I have a parts list that will work to achieve my goals for the rifle. First off I would like to be able to field the gun at my local field and they limit single shot DMRs to 450 fps with .20g's so that will be my max fps. Second The main goals of this build are for maximum accuracy/range and consistency so most of the modification will be geared towards this. Although I am also interested in any mods that would silence the gun as well. So far this is what I have planned for the gun. - Prometheus 450mm tightbore - ER-Hop with M-Nub - BTC Chimera MOSFET - Lonex A1 Motor - Lonex Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide - Lonex V.2 Cylinder Head - Lonex Full Steel Cylinder - Lonex O-Ringed Airseal Nozzle - SHS Steel Tooth Piston - Sorbopad/AOE Correction - Reshim - Hair Trigger - Sector Clip - 16" DD Outer Barrel - Madbull 12.5" Handguard I am about to purchase the majority of these parts but before I click checkout I would like some opinions. Do you see anything missing right away? Any better alternatives than what I have listed? Any suggestions for other parts I should look into or mods I may have overlooked? Anyone who has built or is building a DMR have any tips or advice to give would be much appreciated. Here is what I have right now I am also taking suggestions on what stock to purchase to complete the "look" ? Thanks in advanced for reading !!!
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