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  1. No trades please, and I am not looking to part anything out. Prices do not include shipping Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/Ny2ql If you want anymore pictures or videos feel free to PM me. KWA Vector with 4 Magazines - $300 The gun has seen a considerable amount of use and there is visible wear on the externals. 2 round burst does not work, but other than that the gun functions perfectly. All 4 of the magazines do not leak. G&P WOC - SPF I bought the gun secondhand, and it was working at the time of purchase, but I don't have any magazines for it, so I have never been able to use it. It was built from the Skull Frog challenge kit and comes with everything pictured. Pantac 6094 - $240 Comes with a Blue Force Gear triple M4 magazine pouch, a LBT triple M4 magazine instert, a PIG elastic cummerbund, a Pantac MAP pack, a magpul sling, a kydex thunder B holder, a walkie talkie pouch, a phantom dump pouch, a triple pistol magazine pouch, and 2 foam dummy plates. TMC Plate Carrier ACU - $20 It has seen very little use and is in great condition. G&P WA M4A1 Lower Reciever - $30 Has seen a lot of use and needs some tlc. Random DE Suppressor - $10 If you purchase anything and want this I'll throw it in for free.
  2. Sounds good, if you need any more info or want any more pics PM me.
  3. Hey guys, today I am trying to sell my VFC 416. It is about 4 months old and has about 10,000 rounds through it and is still running great. Externally it is in pretty good condition, but there are a few signs of wear. Internally it is all stock, except for the wiring harness has been replaced with an AIM harness. The gun chronos around 350 FPS with .2 gram bb's with a solid 15 rps with a 7.4v LiPo. The gun comes with a replica Magpul AFG, 1 point sling mount, MOE style motor grip, 2 Echo 1 Stanag style magazines, 2 120 round P-Mags that have been filed to fit the 416 receiver, and a red laser with a pressure switch. I am looking for $375 OBO. The only things I am looking to trade for are a V3 Polarstar FE, a daytona gun, or a Tokyo Marui MP7 GBB. U.S. only please. Please note the replica aimpoint is NOT for sale. PM me for more pics or a video Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/EKZo3
  4. Hey guys, as the title says I am looking to buy some G&P WOC parts. I am wanting to buy a G&P WOC upper and lower receiver, a 9.5 inch steel outer barrel, and a buffer tube with the locking ring and pins. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey guys, today I am selling I am selling my VFC 416. Externally it is in pretty good condition, but has a few small scratches on the lower receiver and rail. It has just about 6,000 rounds through it, all the internals are still in good condition, and the guns runs great. It comes with an EOTech XPS replica, a real Magpul PTS MOE Stock, the original stock, fake Magpul MBUS Sights, the sights the gun came with, a fake magpul AFG, a fake magpul motor grip, and the grip the gun came with. Looking to get $400 + Shipping OBO. U.S. only. Pics: http://imgur.com/a/5ETiH
  6. The triple M4 magazine pouch and the Condor sidekick pouch on the Tan PC are sold. Bump
  7. Hey guys, I am selling some gear I do not need/want anymore. A few things first. U.S. Only unless you want to pay the shipping All prices are OBO Feel free to PM me with questions or if you want more Pictures Images: http://imgur.com/a/JyBhF First up 6 MP5 Midcaps, unknown brand, but they are plastic and hold about 90 rounds each. $5 each or $25 for them all. $3 for the 1 short midcap. Condor One Point Bungee Sling. It has seen a good amount of use, but is still in decent condition. $12 Matrix Brand Drop Leg Holster. Only used once, in great condition, and little/no signs of wear. $12 Condor Exo Plate Carrier Large in Tan. Comes with 1 Condor Sidekick Pouch, 1 Condor Admin Pouch, 1 Phantom Triple M4 Magazine Pouch, 1 Condor Triple Pistol Magazine Pouch, and a Condor Hydration Carrier with no bladder. The vest has only been fielded 3-4 times and is still in great condition. It has an adjustable cummerbund, but will fit better on a taller or thicker person. I am 5'10 and it is a little big on me. $110 TMC SED Assault Vest in ACU. It has only been fielded 2 times and is in great condition. It is a big vest and will fit a taller or thicker person better. $25 Matrix S.D.E.U in Black. This is very used and is in decent/poor condition. The buckles for the magazine pouch are broken. $20
  8. Like the title says. Rules No Trades Paypal Only Prices are negotiable CONUS Shipping only I have had the PC for 3 months and it has been used in games 3 to 4 times. It is in very good condition and comes with 1 triple M4/MP5 pouch and 1 triple pistol magazine pouch. $80 shipped I have had the folding stock for 3 years and it has only been skirmished with twice. Not many signs of wear and has HK trades. $20 shipped Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/6YFiH PM me for more pics and info if interested. -Robbie
  9. No longer need an XPS replica and only need 2 more tan P-Mags.
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