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  1. ok thanks! my plan was to just upgrade it and then sell it because at the moment both of my mags can't hold gas and its just becoming more of a problem then anything.
  2. sorry I might have used that word out of context but my plan is to make the gun accurate and make it shoot hard and at the moment I'm kind of lost for ideas of what to do? so besides the aspect of quicker reload what would the magwell do?
  3. so I have a WE Full Metal 1911 Single Stack Latest Edition and I decided I want to make it more unique. so far I have replaced the inner barrel with a Mad bull precision barrel and am planning to replace the nozzle and the spring guide and possible the mag well but I don't know what will work for my type of pistol. any help and ideas to make my gun better and unique would be greatly appreciated. thanks a lots for your help!
  4. how can I make one of those?
  5. Im interested in this, but just wondering is there age restrictions? where do you normally play/practice(if you guys even practice) and what major events have you done?
  6. ok thanks a bunch hopefully this will help me thanks! any information you could give me on how easy or hard upgrading the combat machine would be greatly appreciated
  7. hey everybody. first off I would like to say I am new so I might be doing something wrong also I am new to tech and I haven't really messed around with the inner workings of my gun. Ok so some background info about the gun. I got it from evike a while back and the when I fired it the bbs would immediately curve to the left and when its in auto it feels like it is dry firing even if I have a fully loaded mag in it. I have thought of getting a new hop up and a motor but I am kind of clueless to this type of stuff and want to learn. Somethings I thought of adding. a tightbore inner barrel R-hop either a Gt-3500 ultra torque motor or a JG blue motor (both are long types) any information or advice you guys can give me on what to get would be awesome.
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