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  1. EDIT: I can't decide between these two guns. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?manu...oducts_id=41241 http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=42403 So would something like this be good to pick up? Under budget (Not complaining actually) just wondering if there's more options, I looked through the CA/ICS versions and I couldn't really find one with a rail system and the stock that I liked.
  2. Looking for a first gun, here's some information I hope can help. - Looking for an M4 Series weapon, prefer full size - Full metal body (Nylon Grips are okay) - Want a RIS system on it - Budget on gun alone ~400 - Prefer a lot of aftermarket support, I like to tinker/upgrade as I get more comfortable - Reliability (I understand things break, but I don't want to fix something after every use just for a bit of extra power) - I'm not looking for anything super authentic, so engravings/laser etches aren't required. - I'll be doing mostly field play - Will want to add attatchments (RIS system) I started off fixing computers (hardware issues) and I also work on sports cars as a hobby, so I'm not new to soldering/taking apart small electronics and putting them back together, I have a healthy set of precision tools as well. I'm honestly unsure about what role I'd be wanting to play in the field. I used to play airsoft when I was much younger (I'm 25 now) with the off the shelf knockoff guns from wal-mart but wanted to pick up a more serious hobby as of late. Playing computer games and playing with cars gets old after a while. My budget to buy gear at the time of sale is limited, but a couple weeks after I should be able to shell out an extra couple hundred on chargers/mags/ect. And the same goes for the paycheck after that. Thank you in advance for the help - I've looked through a couple websites (Redwolf/megastore) but I found myself not knowing enough information about the guns that I was looking at based on their description. If you need anymore information please ask.
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