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  1. As the what the title says I'm looking to buy a Real Sword type 97--Been holding off of buy one for a long time and now it's too late. I know it's a stretch, but you if guys have one for sale I'll be happy to purchase it from you if the price sits well with me.
  2. Man if you were selling this awhile back I would of bought your L96. Anyways, free bump!
  3. It was a good idea not to confront the owner and letting the local police handle it, fists would probably be flying at some point if you were to confront him. Atleast you got your gun back undamaged, will get real if that ever happens.
  4. I'm currently working on two TM Hi-Capas (on the signature below). I already brought a full frame and slide from Ehobby Asia and currently waiting for its arrival, but the thing it that I'm in a dilemma, between two pistol grips. Shooters Design http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/shooters-design...ml#.U0d-XqJLrbg Airsoft Masterpiece http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/airsoft-masterp...ml#.U0d-baJLrbg I did a little of research of Shooters Design's Hi-capa grips--- fitting is mostly the problem (gap between the pistol grip and lower frame) and might require some modding, but the grips looks great. On the other hand, Airsoft Masterpiece's grip is completely a "drop in" with no modding or fitting required. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with Shooters Design's grips.
  5. PM'ed you about the Hi Capa and a free bump.
  6. Airsplat was really ehhh. It was an walk-in store, I wanted to purchase a gun for my brother as a late birthday present. The gun he wanted wasn't in stock, so I placed an order for the gun. 2 weeks pass and haven't gotten my gun I ordered I called their costumer service to fine out whats the status, turns out it was in back order, so I needed to wait longer. Well 3 months pass and still I haven't gotten my gun I drove to their walk-in store to a get a full refund. I didn't raised my voice or acted like an , it was just a quick in and out that's it. I was talking to one of the sales manager (they're the ones that have to authorize the refund) about the situation I had. Basically he told me the gun I ordered was discontinued and they gotten a notification by their suppliers. I admit I was a little ticked off about this news and they haven't notified me by phone. I said "Why didn't you guys called me to say the gun was discontinued?" the manager replied saying, "We just recently gotten a notification by our supplier 3 weeks ago and we didn't know you had this gun on order." I went from 2-7 on the piss off meter, but didn't want to cause I scene, so just got my refund and left. That the last time I'm ever gonna shop with them, but don't let my bad experience discourage you from shopping at their site/store. Like MP5user wrote, "Big retailer will never really get glowing reviews from every single person out there."
  7. If you indeed received your gun back, make sure you inspect it for any damage. Going back to the past post there is a possible chance the kid could have messed around with your gun.
  8. Are you planning to add any upgrades for the gun?
  9. Keep us posted. I'm curious if he did anything to your gun? Yeah I know the feeling, but this situation has to be resolved between the two.
  10. Rowland Heights or Diamond Bar CA? That's the 626 area code, its only a 25min drive from where I live to both Rowland Heights and Diamond Bar since they are practically 10minutes from each other . Rowland Heights and Diamond Bar is a very "upper middle class" neighborhood, don't understand why he would scam. I'm suprised he didn't get a butt whooping from his parents, most Asian parents would go pretty crazy over somrthing like this or anything else stupid, trust me I know first hand. I would suggest to call the Rowland Heights local police to put this kid in his place. In his age he would be afraid when confronted by police or worse by a ASF member.
  11. I have a gun that is 7.4v lipo ready, but instead of using lipo I wanted to use NiMH batteries. My question is what type of voltage NiMH battery should I be using on a 7.4v lipo gun?
  12. The flash hider is indeed plastic. I was thinking of grabbing a mini-saw and start cutting my way without damaging the threads. I guess WD-40 is a good option.
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