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  1. price dropped to 650.00 shipped till thursday
  2. . No Trades-except cash No Lowballers Price includes shipping, insurance is up to you Paypal only I am selling my V2 Gen 3 Polarstar Fusion Engine with all the trimmings you will need to get going. Here is everything that will come in the package: -Polarstar Fusion Engine with Blue Nozzle Installed -Green Nozzle (Lower FPS Nozzle) -900mah 7.4v Lipo to run the engine -2 Guerrilla 3000psi 62CI Air tanks -Redline Airsoft Regulator -Redline 36in airline -Ninja 3000psi Fill Station Everything is in 100% working order...600.00 shipped
  3. Have an UN Company custom Gearbox, and its a Monster....Great Shop--- IMO---
  4. Yes- but I will double check today with the micrometer to be sure of which one, I had 2---1 was a 6.01 and the other was a 6.03
  5. This is the last week after this weekend they will no longer be for sale.....So common guys help me clear out the house and help me get my P* set up.....
  6. Trades Updated, Prices, and new items added to the G&P Magpul sale---2 Pmags, , 7.4 lipo new added to sale.... Also had the G&P Magpul Chroned this weekend at Airsoft R Us....... 416-420 fps with .25's on a 11.1 lipo
  7. Free Shipping ..................come on guys.....lets make a deal
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