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  1. The reason why the G&G CM16 on Airrattle is $150 is because Airrattle tries to lure people with there inexpensive prices but there service and shipping is horrible. The website that I posted to the links to is a local airsoft shop that is 10 minutes away from me...Way better for waiting two weeks for it to come,Plus I'm supporting a local business thanks,
  2. Hey guys,I have decided between two M4 AEGs to get.The first one is a G&G CM16,It comes with a 8.4v Valken battery and charger,not sure how they perform but they seem pretty popular.NOTE- I am not saying thence its popular that it is the best option,just saying.The total cost with battery and charger is $170.Seems like a decent price. Here's the link. http://cartcon1.com/store/airsoft-guns/aeg...battery-charger Next up is the King arms nylon M4 RAS field pack. The externals are made out of Nylon fiber which which feels a little bit nicer than G&Gs plastic. It comes with a lot more things than the G&G CM16 because it is a field pack.Comes with a 9.6v battery,Dumb charger,2 mags,and a fore grip. The downside of buying the KA is that it doesn't come with a smart charger like the G&G.I honestly like the CQB look of the G&G CM16 better than the "Spec op" look of the KA but the KA still looks cool. Also in the description on the link that I am about to post after this it says it has a "free float RIS", what does that mean?Only $10 more than the G&G CM16. Here's the link. http://cartcon1.com/store/airsoft-guns/aeg...s-ii-field-pack Here is the huge question that I need answered before buying one of these two AEGs. I know how a gearbox works and all the parts inside it and am working on practicing on teching on AEGs.. it's just that I'm not very good comparing them because I feel like I'm not that experienced in airsoft internals to make my decision on my own. Thanks guys!
  3. Hey guys,I was just wondering what you guy's use in your loadout.Do you use a PC,Vest or a chest rig?What would be the most affective on the field?I know that Chest rigs carry more mags and are lighter weight then PCs but PCs have room for patches ect.I haven't seen alot of people using vest,except Newbies using the crappy $30 ones. Thanks!
  4. Yes,would suggest the CM over the JG the CYMA. Also that's a pretty good deal. Thanks,
  5. Hey guys,once quick question,I have always really like SCARs and was just wondering what would be the best SCAR for a $200 budget.I want to stay away from AGM and heard the Classic army sportline SCAR has lot's of wobbles and creaks and has some internal problems.So that leaves me with a E1 scar or a DBOYS SCAR.Pretty sure that the E1 scar is a rebranded dboys but not sure.Any thoughts? thanks!
  6. Why the heck would he buy a lancer tactical when he has a budget of $150? Even If he had a $100 budget he could afford a JG basic M4 which is way better than the LT... Suggest going for a G&G CM16 or JG "enhanced" M4.The battery and charger that both come with the JG is complete crap.Suggest going with a smart charger and a Elite 9.6v battery. If you want a AK47 I suggest going with CYMA.Same story with the battery and charger. Here is the links to the elite 9.6v battery and the elite smart charger.Only $8 for the smart charger opposed to the $20 tenergy smart charger. http://www.eliteairsoftbatteries.com/produ...ttery-pack.aspx http://www.eliteairsoftbatteries.com/produ...ad-charger.aspx Altogether its going to be in the $200 budget. hope this helps. thanks,
  7. Hey guys,I am looking into buying a PC.Just not really sure what to go with,I heard great reviews on the Condor MOPC and the XPC.I wish I could afford LBX but thats $70 more then what I am looking to spend.Any suggestions?I know people that are "gear whores" tend to diss Condor a lot because it is lower quality then Crye,LBT,and so on.Not really sure what to believe.This will be my first PC. Also heard that Emerson makes a nice JPC.Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. I never said he should get a real sword M4... Here's a link to a real sword SSVD that's in stock. http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs..._with_Scope.htm
  9. Hey guys,so this summer I wanted to learn on how to tech on AEGs and have a ton of questions.Please do not judge me on this if my questions sound stupid. How do I shim gears?I know your aligning gears and making sure they cycle right and don't have a lot of pressure on them its just I don't know how to do it... How do I correct AOE on AEGs?I know its where your making sure the piston rack of teeth is in line with the bevel gear so it cycle's right.But don't know exactly how do it. What do I need to swiss cheese a piston?Would a drill with a sharp bit work? What are the best aftermarket parts?Heard Lonex is excellent.Any other brands?Also is ZCI decent?heard a lot of people use there products but not sure what ZCI stands for... If any of these questions are inaccurate feel free to correct me. I was thinking of buying a boneyard AEG just to tinker around and get used to teching. Where is a good place to get upgrade or replacement parts?I heard clandestine airsoft has a good selection and would like to support a small business. Thanks guys!
  10. What's you budget? Here's some AEGs that I would like to recommend. $100 budget-JG basic M4.Will perform decent if is shimmed and the AOE is corrected. $150 budget-G&G Combat machine. $200 budget-KWA CQR.ASGI has some sick packages on them.Go check it out. $250 budget-G&P M4. $350 budget-VFC E Series M4. if you have $350 plus I suggest getting a Real Sword. Hope this helps!
  11. I can't afford a VFC.$100 more then my budget.
  12. Hey guys,I have a budget of $250 and have two choices for a M4 to get. Lonex M4 (crane style stock version) I've heard amazing things about Lonex's upgrade parts but not about there line of AEGs. G&P M4.Heard the M12O motor isn't that good and like VFC,the piston is meh. Here are the links G&P M4- http://www.evike.com/products/37369/ Lonex M4- http://www.evike.com/products/43270/ Any other choices that you guys would recommend?These are the only "decent" M4s in my $250 price range. Thanks
  13. If you want to see the AEGs on the FB page you need to scroll down on there page.They just posted it.
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