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  1. I would also say the VFC. I own both a VFC 416 and KWA M16. I love them both but I think I like the VFC more. It hasn't seen as much action but the battle I went on Saturday I used the VFC and it performed excellently. My KWA has done well although it is now broken. Stripped a gear. Also, which 416 is it? The most recent version or the one before where they used a normal non-H&K crane stock? I'm not sure about internals, but the new externals are amazing.
  2. Funny that... They're closed. Gone. Shop and field. Apparently they decided not to pay rent. For a whole year. Business closed. Oh well... EDIT: I believe I found the real issue. That is a stripped sector gear, is it not?
  3. Well I was told my the techs at Airsoft CQB that it was a stripped piston. That's why I ordered one.
  4. Well I might as well leave the stock piston in until it breaks. And no, I didn't check those. The problem was that when I went to pull the trigger it made a whining noise like the gears weren't catching the piston. I was told to adjust the motor height but I adjusted it to both extremes with no problem. should I just put it back together and see what happens? I'm strongly considering just giving it to a tech.
  5. It was recommended to me by vanevery (Post #12) in a thread earlier as a replacement. So should I put the thing back together with the original piston and see if it works? I'm just kinda unsure what to do now since it wasn't the piston that stipped.
  6. So I finally got my KWA gearbox open to replace the stripped piston and now I'm thinking that was the wrong diagnosis. Is that stripped piston? Because it looks fine to me. (The Black one, the white one was the new piston I ordered.) Before I go ahead and install a new one, I wanted to check.
  7. I cannot for the life of me get anywhere with this pin. Is it possible that they messed it up when I gave it to Airsoft CQB to repair? They didn't fix it, however, they were the ones that confirmed that the piston was the problem. Could it have been bent? I have hammered at it for 15 minutes and all I've managed to do is scratch the body. It hasn't moved at all. Any suggestions? In the meantime, I am going to try and heat it. Haven't done that yet. EDIT EDIT: Got it. Apparently it does help if you heat up the area around the pin. Took a hair dryer to it and BAM came out. Weird. Thanks for the help!
  8. The ones I was issued were comfortable but they ripped at the seam. And it wasn't just me, my buds boots also had issues. Soles just developing holes in them, ripping, stitching coming undone. I wasn't impressed. I wish we had been issued Bate's like Cadets before us.
  9. Definitely TSD .26 Bio's and I believe I also tried KWA .25's to see if there was a difference.
  10. I did clean out the barrel before I shot it. However, I didn't clean out the hop-up unit itself. Should I take my cleaning kit and some silicon to that?
  11. Sorry, I didn't mean all suede. Really it just needs to by tan and 8" but I've never seen a desert boot that's not suede.
  12. Right now I'm looking to add a second pair of desert combat boots to my collection of footwear. I am a Cadet and we were issued a pair, but they're SWAT Original (Whoever the hell that is) and I'm already on my 3rd pair after 1 year of medium/light use (The first two both ripped at the seam). My plan is to get a good pair of boots and then use my issued pair as my "dress" pair. My new pair will be for any marches we do, training exercises, as well as airsoft. I was curious if you all had suggestions. My current problem is that there is only one store anywhere near me that sells boots and all they carry are McRae combat boots. I like the look of them and they've gotten a few decent reviews but I can't find much on them online. I'm conflicted between buying a pair of McRae's from this surplus store or trying to order online. Do you all have any recommendations, either in what boots to buy or where to order online that has a good return policy if they don't fit? Requirements: Tan Suede 8"
  13. I'll try that next and drop by Lowes tomorrow to pick up a punch set. I'll get back once I've tried it. Thanks!
  14. I finally got to shoot my new VFC HK416 today. Took it to a friends farm to shoot and sight in my red dot sight. I was unimpressed by the performance. I was about 100 feet out and the bb's were dropping. I adjusted the hop-up from most hop to least hop and it didn't change the distance at all. Do I just need to put more rounds through the gun? I vaguely remember reading awhile ago that you almost have to break in new hop-ups. I put less than 500 rounds down range. Plus, I fired my KJW M9 which is several years old and it was reaching as far as or farther than the 416. Am I expecting too much from my rifle, especially since it is the CQB version? Or does hop-up take some time to "warm up"?
  15. Now, I don't have a punch, I've tried a screwdriver smaller than the pin but nothing. I've tried spraying silicon so it might loosen, I tried putting the upper receiver back on and the bigger body pins in to relieve any pressure on it, but nothing is working. It doesn't budge or move at all. Either side.
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