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  1. Jrewt

    Black Ops .2g BB's?

    what about crossman biodegradble .2s?
  2. Jrewt

    Black Ops .2g BB's?

    So should I buy them and use my good bb's until the op? Or just use up all of my G&G bb's?
  3. Jrewt

    Black Ops .2g BB's?

    So I was looking and there where these black ops .2g bb's and I was wondering are they any safe to use? Ive ordered 20,000 G&G bb's and I don't think its enough to last us for 2 games a week up to the 20th (which is when we go to an op). So are these any good to use in our guns?
  4. Hmm ill probably do that and also ill probably stay away from a 500$ Sniper rifle
  5. Okay then whats the best sniper I can get at the lowest price?
  6. So im thinking of buying an airsoft sniper but I don't even know where to start. Whats the best under 150$ spring or gas please help
  7. G&G Combat Machine , A&K Masada Or KWA CQR Mod2? Which one performs the best!
  8. Ok thanks! Ill be sure to check that out!
  9. Well ive been looking and ive had my eye on 2 guns. There is a G&G Combat Machine and A A&K Masada. The only reason im questioning the Masada is because it is Refurbished. Should I just buy the Combat Machine or take the risk of buying the Masada? Also I am purchasing these products from AirsoftStation.com
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