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  1. Oh and btw how am I supposed to get the barrel and gearbox back into the gun after they are screwed together? It looks impossible.
  2. ok...soo I checked the stuff that you talked about in this video and it all looked normal so I'm pretty sure that's not the problem. I also took out the gearbox and felt the air pressure and it seemed like its hard enough. I was going to try a magwell conversion and see if that helps.
  3. ok thanks! ill try screwing it on to the gearbox. btw thanks for the videos they helped a lot! so... do you think ill have to mod the air nozzle at all?
  4. Thanks man!! The funny thing is...while I was working on my gun I was watching your unboxing video (I've watched it like 10 times), that's what gave me the idea to cut the feeding tube off and put it on the magwell. In your video, you screw the hop up chamber to the gearbox, is that a good idea? will it be lined up better with the air nozzle? ill watch the semi-auto vid tonight...or tomorrow morning. :)
  5. Hey all! I'm relatively new to airsoft (a little over a year) so if the answer to this is really simple don't judge me :) So my first AEG that I got is a JG g36c and it was having problems with the hop up, the bbs were always going up. so I figured it was the bucking, I replaced that and that didn't help anything. Then I discovered that the stock hop up unit had a crack down the center, I then bought a brand new prowin g36 hop up unit hoping that it would fix the problem. During the process of installing itIi discover there where a few small mods to be made, such as the wheel was to big for the barrel clip to fit on and there was no feeding tube on the new hop up unit or the magwell. I fix both of those very carefully (look below for picture) I used the feeding tube from the old hop up unit and jb welded it on, and when I put it all back together the bbs shoot two at a time and they don't go more then 10 feet. So im not sure what I did wrong or if the prowin hop up just doesn't work with JG G36c's, or if it has to do with the air nozzle. If anyone has an idea of how I can fix this, please share.
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