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  1. No worries Man, just thought I'd point out :)
  2. $36!? You're getting ripped off Mate. Don't get LiPo's from Airsoft retailers, they just overcharge. Go to HobbyKing! For example (This one wont fit, just an eg.) http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_..._Lipo_Pack.html Higher MaH. $30 cheaper :P Also, the Imax charger you referred to is a very good one :)
  3. Err, they don't always specify. HobbyKing always does. Most LiPo user's convert to deans, as compared to Tamiya it's much better.
  4. That's really informative buddy, but he said he was decided on LiPo's. I only just read that bit before I wrote my reply to him. But SHAD0W, if you look for a NimH that you know definitely fits (Like one Alberty said about), then find a LiPo you like, you could compare dimensions and see if it would fit? That's what I did.
  5. Well it's not so much a question of what will WORK, it's what will FIT and what connectors will be compatible. You could hook it up to a car battery for for gods sake :L So, any battery (NimH, LiPo, NizN) will work, if they have the right connectors. I believe that gun has Tamiya connectors, so you need a battery with Tamiya connectors for them to be compatible (So yeah, I guess you were right, work!). Not many LiPo's I've seen have Tamiya's so you either have to change the LiPo's connector to a Tamiya (Not recommended) or what I recommend, change them both (Gun+Batt) to Deans (Loads of YT Tuts), as they are safer than Tamiya's, and give better trigger response, ROF etc. Now, size. If you have a standard M4 handguard and wired to the front (Which you have), you'll need a slightly smaller battery. If you wanted NimH for example, you'd need a Mini Battery. For LiPo, I don't think it's necessarily like that. I think, depending on if it's abnormaly long or not, a Nunchuck LiPo, should fit? Don't quote me on that though :/ Sorry, I can't help much on the size, you'll have to leave that to someone else. For brands, Turnigy are great from what I've heard. Have a look on HobbyKing for all your LiPo needs :) Here's one of their batteries. I think that should fit, not 100% though http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_..._Lipo_Pack.html
  6. Aha, doesn't matter. Might just get this and have the 36/24a fuse fitted. More money, but looks better quality :) http://www.air-lab.co.uk/products/power-mosfet.html
  7. Hmm, well I'm actually getting a company to do it for me (Free of charge if you buy the gun from them and supply the MOSFET), so I guess I could ask them to do it for me. Orrr, I could just get one with thermal pro?
  8. Ok, cheers! So, the MOSFET doesn't have a fuse, but I think the CM MP5 comes with a fuse. That'll protect the motor, battery, MOSFET, etc wont it?
  9. Sorry, I don't really know. It just says: "Has no thermal protection" or something along those lines. Say it had no protection whatsoever, (No heatsink, thermal resetting fuse etc), or anything. Would it be ok?
  10. Yes indeed. It wasn't a problem finding the battery, it was more if the battery was suitable ('c' etc), and if the MOSFET was fine without any thermal protection :)
  11. Oh, and also. This MOSFET: http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/gate...-switch-picossr. It doesn't have thermal prtoection. Is that a problem? PS: Am I allowed to link?
  12. I think that'd be a good idea :)
  13. Thanks so much for clearing that up! Is there any reputation system on here, or anyway of liking posts? I feel you deserve some points :L
  14. I don't fully get that, but are you saying that it doesn't matter how many amps are being discharged? So, if a gun needs 20a, and the fuse is 25a's, 80a's being discharged won't do a thing to the gun or fuse?
  15. Ok, thanks alot Mate. The reason I'm getting one is because it's only £15 and I get it fitted free. The worry though is that it doesn't have thermal protection. Is that bad? And do you know anything about the fuse blowing consequences? Thanks for the reply bud :)
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