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  1. I just bought a Classic Army M24 from my local gun store for $60 and they told me that the bolt will not stay in the up position. I thought the would be a easy fix but it is not. I will pull the bolt up in the position in which I can :censored2: the bolt back and if I let go the bolt will fall back down. I was going to take it to an airsoft shop near me and have the technician open the gun up and just go over everything but it cost $15 just for him to open it up and its extra for him to upgrade it. So if one of you can help me save a bit of money that would be great! On to the mag issue. When I got home from the Gun Store I wanted to fire it so I tried to load the magazine and I was unsure on how to load it properly. I have that plastic tube that came with the gun that fits over the loading area but when I load the mag all the bb's stay in the bottom they do not feed to the top please help me!
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