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  1. Also I am not heading to a field anytime soon so I can familiarize myself with the rifle and learn the tactics and practice different scenarios.
  2. I mean 100 dollars for upgrades as of now, meaning right up front, I will put money into it as I go from the moment I get paid, I comprehend what you guys are saying but if I put money into it as I go from week to week will I be fine. I have an aeg and play paintball with a electronic gun and I am knowledgable of these types of things. I just wanted to get more info on the matter, but will it be ok if I build up as I go?
  3. 150 for the actual rifle and 100 for upgrades
  4. Hello guys, I was just curious about these snipers, what you guys think of each, and which one I should get? The rifles are the well mb03, well mb10, uk arms m24, well mb08, usp atg5, and the jg bar 10. I am open to all opinions but please explain why you feel the way you feel? Thx
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