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  1. Hey guys I have an airsoft blog with reviews and general articles that I'm struggling to keep up with. I need help from Airsoft players who want to write articles for me and earn some money on the side. It helps if you have a reasonable amount of airsoft experience and have used some different weapons to be able to write about. Message me if you may be interested! Thanks Matt
  2. Hi fellow airsoft fans I have an airsoft blog that I'm looking for help with. Basically I need someone to write airsoft gun reviews for me. Naturally you need to be somewhat experienced with airsoft and able to write in decent English. I'm willing to pay $10 for each article. If you're interested please PM me! Perfect opportunity for an airsoft enthusiast who loves to share his views with the public! Thanks
  3. Hi fellow Airsofters I'm looking for someone who's willing to write some articles for my airsoft blog. Naturally I need someone who is familiar with airsoft and can write articles around 500-1000 words in length on topics like product reviews and airsoft strategy. Of course I'll be willing to compensate you for each article. PM me if you're interested. Cheers
  4. Looks great. I always have good ideas for customizing but never get around to it...
  5. MattBAG

    Hello all

    Hi everyone, my name is Matt. I've been looking for a good active airsoft forum for a while and I think that I have found it. I would say that I am in-between newbie and intermediate when it comes to airsoft. I have been playing for about 9 months and I have picked up a lot since then. I am here mostly to help others and to occasionally be helped myself!. Looking forward to learning a lot. Thanks all
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