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  1. Haha that's awesome! I guess once I start assembling the rest of my parts to make a high-speed ssg out of the gun (following legacy's guide) I'll run them by you as well.
  2. Don't worry about shipping to NZ, I have someone who travels to America very regularly who plays airsoft and brings airsoft guns and parts back all the time. I was looking at the maple leaf combo previously but there still seemed to be a disagreement among techs which was best, and I thought that if I got flat hop, I would have one less step to do if I was to rhop my gun (I assume you have seen reliku's video on maple leaf vs rhop vs flat hop also?). For that price, though I would definitely want to pick it up, and that'll be more than accurate enough I'm sure. How much would shipping to Los Angeles be? I know our restrictions. Its not strict at all. The only restriction is if we are bringing in an airsoft gun we need a permit (takes 1-2 weeks). We used to have a semi only restriction, but that was changed 3-4 years ago, however CQB places are still semi only, but we do have (what I believe to be) a slightly higher FPS limit ~370-390 for CQB. We have fully automatic at most outdoor fields, though. I am looking to do a high speed ssg build, so there wouldn't be much of a point if it was semi only lol. Thanks for letting me know, I would have fallen into the same trap! The AEG coming in parts would be fine, but the extra hassle is not worth it to be honest. If you are willing to wait, I should be able to pay you in about 4 weeks (I need to get the paperwork in order before I do). I did end up checking and its $66 flat rate to NZ, so not really an option for me. I will send you a direct message to discuss the gun and maple leaf bucking and nub further. Thank you for all your help already!
  3. For the skill part, I've spent enough time at a disadvantage :P, I'm wanting to build a nice gun. I thought you meant skill teching, lol. For lonex having an outdated mound (I assume that's what "packing" means), would you still recommend for flat-hop? Brill is pretty respected in the teching community and has built some pretty good guns. He is also the owner of Brill armoury. He has helped me to pick out parts, but he only really uses AKs so I wanted your guys' help for a V2 build. I didn't mean to insult your intelligence or experience, sorry. The problem is, I live in NZ and I'm getting the stuff imported via a friend, and in NZ everything is way overpriced, or near impossible to get (except for BBs, we have really nice BBs for a good price). So I'd like to get a bunch of things at once. I didn't realise G&P OEMed different versions, as I live in the Asian sphere over here I was quite surprised. From what I'd seen and heard I thought that there was only one V2 gearbox being pumped out of the G&P factories and that was why G&P got so popular because you knew what you were getting. What parts usually differ? I plan to do a high-speed build, so I would replace the piston head, but if it uses a totally different GB and won't accept some upgrades because of proprietary parts then I'm screwed. I would like to take you up on that offer, however, on the permits for importing the guns, I believe I need to list a retailer, and some other details I'd have to get from you. It would also work out well because you could test it out, open it up and tell me what needs replacing out of the barrel, bucking and nub straight off the bat. However, I don't know how long it would be before I could buy the gun off you (minimum 2 weeks if I applied for a permit today), so if you want to sell it fast, you may as well put it up on eBay or something. Also, how much was shipping from eHobby Asia? If it's not much I can most easily get one straight from there, so you aren't waiting 1-2 months for your money. Thanks for all your help, once again. Edit: Shipping is $66 USD :/
  4. I do already have two reliable guns I can use while I work on this one, not to mention I only play airsoft once or twice a month, but I would be able to tech most days/weekends. The problem is getting to the fields for me, not so much not having the time. What, in your mind, is the best way to build skill? I'm not new to DIY projects, I've built a number of computers, an arcade machine and other odds and ends, and I'm a self taught (now professional) web developer so I'm pretty good at following guides on the internet and paying attention to forums. I've also mucked around with hopups and mosfets on my current gun (a JG clone of the G&P m7a1, by coincidence), so I'm pretty confident there too. Which upgrades are dated? It's literally a good battery (so I can use it with a high-speed build later on) a basic MOSFET and a flat hop tbb setup. What is wrong with that? I don't mean to sound ungrateful with your advice, but would you be able to elaborate for me, please? I mean, the battery is no biggie, I already have one which I could use instead, until I get the parts which would dictate the need for the bigger battery (I've been talking to Louis Brill of Brill armory who is helping me with this build also), the gun doesn't have a MOSFET so obviously that is an upgrade, the G&P stock bucking isn't very good and the barrel is just stock as well, so I don't see the problems with these upgrades. You call them overpriced, but the only things I see as being overpriced personally is the Prommy TBB and Prommy nub, which I picked for convenience (I'll probably end up doing an eraser nub, and if I get the m7a1 I'll have the option of a cheaper barrel) Have I missed something? What would you recommend instead? Also, from other corners of the interwebz I have been advised by ICS owners to go with the G&P because the ICS CXP split GB design has a proprietary spring guide and the GB isn't the strongest. That's one point for the G&P in my eyes. So all in all, which would you recommend out of the two, or do you have other contenders to throw into the mix. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere! Thanks.
  5. Budget: $270 Very maximum Model Preference: Love me some o' dat m4 goodness Where you play: I play in both CQB and field, and in the long run I want to be taking this gun to both. Role: I want to be able to fit into any role, although more of an assault role if you will - although I mean, an airsoft gun is an airsoft gun and doesn't really make the role. I am currently considering: The ICS CXP UK1 CAPTAIN AIRSOFT GUN - https://www.foxairsoft.com/airsoft-guns/ics-cxp-uk1-captain/ The Evike Custom Madbull Licensed Troy Industries M7A1 Custom Airsoft AEG - http://www.evike.com/products/54707/ I want to end up shoving a bunch of upgrades in the gun, it will be my first experience with teching. Basically I just need a solid gun thats inexpensive, nice and short (max 7" rails) and has a lot of upgrade potential. I can share more details on my upgrade map later but out of the box I am looking at adding: Battery (I will get stock mag pouch thingy for storage)- https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-4000mah-3s-35-70c-lipo-pack.html MOSFET - NukeFet Barrel - Whatever really, looking at a prommy for the ICS. Bucking - Flat-hopped lonex 50d or 70d (don't know which) Nub - Prommy flat nub (I'm lazy) Thanks! P.s. The $270 figure doesn't include the upgrades, it's just for the gun. Edit - Details and formatting
  6. Dude I looked at airsoft gi and its an american website. the reason I am buying from the website I specified is because it is near(ish) my house and its in NZ oh and btw the M4 looks real bad, not much going 4 it, the AK comes with all the stuff the M4 has as well as a sling, a 600 round mag and a better gun (actually they r practically the same on the inside lol and I wouldnt know!). I don't think you even went onto the website. Please look and reply again. Thanks, <Cool Name Here?>
  7. Thank you very much, but is airsoft gi. an american shop? there is this huge fuss in NZ about importing airsoft guns, the laws around them are the same as normal firearms and are treated like it, even though we do have airsoft clubs. Oh and just out of interest, why do you say get the M4. What makes it better, I would like to know so that I don't muck it up :D Thank You
  8. Lol srry 4 the spam... new to the forums :D
  9. A suggestion from my personal perspective: Get the CYMA AKM Full wood and steel. Its supposed to have really good upgrade potential and has a beaut real wood and steel build. I hope you find what yo is looking 4! :
  10. Hey guys, I am looking to get started in airsoft BUT I am not yet of legal age to join an airsoft club, so I want my gun to last me 3+ years, or at least 2 1/2 years. I have a small budget $400 nzd max (same currency as website(not including charger and battery)) so here are the two candidates: CYMA AK47S Electric Rifle SRC DRAGON M4 C MODEL - LIGHT SPORT SERIES If you want, have a look around the website to find any other guns that I (or you) may be interested in, also any advice for training until I am of legal age or any tips would be nice. Thank you in advance, <Cool Name Here>
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