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  1. I'm looking into getting the CA KM12 to use, and eventually heavily upgrade and modify. I like how it looks at the moment, even though it is made almost completely out of Polymer, but for now that's just fine for me. My only question is, I know the keymod is "Airsoft Spec", so where would I find attachments for that? I've tried Googling it, and haven't found anything. Does anybody here have any experience with Airsoft Spec Keymod accessories, or even a rail section that will fit onto the Airsoft Spec keymod rail? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you can suggest a gun around the same price range, that you think would be better, of course let me know about that as well.
  2. A body kit makes more sense, now that I think about it. So, I'm guessing you went to school for this? If you didn't I'm mighty impressed. I'm still impressed even if you did.
  3. That looks amazing. Do you make everything custom from internals, rails, stocks, etc? That rifle looks quite amazing.
  4. And if it is stripped? How screwed am I then?
  5. I didn't believe that was important, I was obviously wrong. Again, I'm in no way a tech so I didn't know what that even did. You think adjusting that will fix all my problems?
  6. I haven't even touched the gun for months until a few days ago. Although, when I first got it, I swapped out the hand grip, so I could have messed it up then.
  7. Welcome to the forums, :) Do you go by anything other than "theairsoftgun", by any chance? I hope you find some interesting topics on the forums!
  8. The combat machines normally come with them? Because, I'm looking at where it should be, and I'm not seeing it. I bought it secondhand off of somebody on the forums, so I mean, it isn't new. That was over a year ago, though. -EDIT- So, I found out why there was no power going to my motor, one of the plugs came undone (Stupid mistake, I know) I have no clue how, but it's whatever. Now, there's another problem. When I pull the trigger, it's like a constant winding noise, and there is a slight burning smell, but nothings actually burning. This seems like a pretty major problem to me, any ideas? I'm in no way a tech, at all.
  9. There is no fuse on the Combat Machine Most likely not, but I'm yet to meet one. I'm also moving in 6 weeks and need my gun ready to play.
  10. That's the problem, I don't have much money to spend and send my gun to a professional, and there are no shops near me so I can't really troubleshoot it like that. Any suggestions?
  11. I can't spend a whole lot, $70 max, but I need a new gearbox for my G&G. My gun randomly stopped working, no power at all is going to the motor, so the only thing I can think of is a broken gearbox. Message me if you have one you're willing to sell.
  12. I'm moving to Slidell this June, and I really want to get into doing airsoft actively. Does anyone know of any fields in/near Slidell? I'm willing to drive maybe 30 minutes max, but I'd prefer much closer. Thanks in advance!
  13. I must admit, I'd buy it. Where'd you get it from? :P
  14. While thats a great picture I can definitely use, I really need one dead center and even so that I can get an accurate model.
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