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  1. Yeah, both of you are correct. I saw this one person who listed "the price is too low" as a con, and I flipped a table in rage for 15 minutes of how freakin' stupid of a con that is. And then the heavy thing, yeah that's really stupid too. I mean, no kidding a FULL METAL GUN is heavy. It takes a special kind of genius to tell you that, I'm sure. But, sadly, reviews is all I can find to go off of on guns. If you guys own any guns that you can find online and can share with me, that'd be great. Just hook me up with the link. If you can't get a link, just put in the model/gun name and I can just copy and paste it and probably get results.
  2. Yeah, that's my problem with GI. There's not much of a selection and I hate that even though it makes it a little less over-whelming. I just love having the selection. And plus, unless it's an extremely popular gun, there's almost never a review or more than 1 review. That really bugs me, since I prefer to go off of at least 3+ people. Oh, and also, GI seems to have at LEAST half their "selection" out of stock or discontinued... and that really irritates me. Megastore is extremely tempting to buy from, so what's so bad about them? I know Bomb said they have bad customer service, so that definitely does suck if I were to need it.
  3. Hmmm, alright. I'll consider getting a shotgun after I get an assault and/or sniper :P Could anyone recommend any websites to buy from for me? I've seen airsoftgi.com recommended and praised a lot, but a lot of their guns are crazy-high in price. A lot of them are reasonable, yes, but it seems Airsoft Megastore is cheaper, and the guns on there have pretty good reviews, but I've heard they're somewhat unreliable and Airsoft GI is better.
  4. So I should try to stay away from spring-action guns? I take it battery-powered is better? What about gas, just out of curiosity? How would I know if say, a sniper at 300 fps was better than a sniper at 600 fps? I know fps isn't too important, but I want to understand and know what IS important. I already know accuracy is, because without accuracy then you aren't hitting jack unless you get lucky or something. What should I be looking for and staying away from? From what I read, shotguns are pretty much trash, correct? What about snipers? Are they a waste? Also, I apologize if I offended anyone, I didn't mean to generalize you all as jerks, I was only saying I don't want any of that here. You're all pretty great so far and I thank you for the help (please keep it coming )
  5. Alright, so I have practically no idea what I need to begin in airsoft as in armor (so to speak...) and what brands for everything (ammo, guns, "armor") are best. I've heard of a few brands but I'd like to get advice on my own question. Mention some mediocre and crappy brands too, and tell me why they're not so good to buy if you can. Then I'll know why to stay away from them and what to look out for. Same for ammo and "armor" and whatever else, like targets for practice. I know ammo can make a difference on your gun's performance and maintenance. If you get crappy ammo, I hear it can break your gun, and that it's also less accurate and all that. So please only recommend quality ammo brands. I know the size depends on your gun and everything, but if you can, recommend a good size for best accuracy and range. I know the heavier, the better. At least for the most part. When just browsing guns, I've tended to lean towards spring-powered guns over battery and gas powered. Is spring good, or is electric better? I don't really want to deal with gas since that would cost more. Since I haven't actually messed around with any airsoft guns, I wouldn't know what style I prefer (sniper, assualt, LMG, SMG, shotgun), but I'm thinking shotguns and sniper rifles. I love the thought of hiding and being stealthy, supporting my team from a long distance. And if I go close-range, I like shotguns just because they're pretty sweet in my opinion. I have nothing against assault rifles, LMGs, or SMGs to my knowledge, though out of those 3 I think I would prefer an assault rifle. If shotguns aren't that great then let me know. Opinions are great but if they're actual facts that's even better. I know shotguns are a spray of pellets so they may not be that great unless I'm nearly point-blank, so maybe I would want to do snipers and assault. Like I said, I don't know, which is why I'm posting this and craving knowledge. Maybe they cost more as well, since I'd have to buy shells and not pellets? Maybe I'm completely mistaken and they shoot pellets like all other guns and they're actually pretty lame. I have no clue, so please inform me! One thing I've heard is that FPS isn't necessarily that important besides range, correct? Accuracy is more important, which would make sense. I definitely want an accurate gun, but doesn't FPS/range help? Especially if it's a sniper rifle, I would imagine. I also need to learn about cleaning the gun. I'm gonna continue to research that as well, but I'd love to get some answers and tips on here from people who know what they're doing. The more in-depth, most likely the better. Thanks, that's all I can think of for now, though I'm sure I'll think of more questions, and probably gain more, in the process. I appreciate all the help you can give. And also, don't be a bunch of jerks to me. When I was researching, I came across a thread on this website that brought me here, and I saw a bunch of people being jerks to this poor new guy, and an admin had to close the thread. I saw he posted it in the wrong place but still, that's ridiculous. Let's try to be nice and helpful, not a bunch of flamers that are just punks to Newbies.
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