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  1. Hi, There doesn't seem to be an easy (or at least obvious) way to access my account settings. I would have expected clicking on my user name at the top right would open a drop down for links to it. Instead, I only get a status text field. To access my account, I seem to have to go the the members tabs, search my name and then click on it. Please, that is something that needs to be addressed right away.
  2. Hi, Every link pointing to another thread I've clicked on sends me to an error page. It is because the URL is in the old format of your old forum software. Below is an example: Clicking on the link about Necro's barrel stabilization thread goes here, which produces a 404 page: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/barrel-stabilization-necro-exempt-t221088.html However, if I rewrite the url into the format of the current forum software, it works: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/221088-barrel-stabilization-necro-exempt/ It's been like this for a few weeks now. Please correct. You have great info here that is getting lost by the average user. Especially those going straight to the topic from a Google search. Nice redesign BTW!
  3. I kept hearing that the Sig uses a Split V2. Even my local store owner tried to deter me from a Sig purchase by saying that it was problematic. My bad.
  4. I want a Sig 552. Started looking at the King Arms one but that's practically an M4. M4 stock, takes M4 mags, button mag release... Of the big 3, only the VFC 416c or the KA PDWs interest me. Again they are practically M4s. I really like Sig and HK products. My first airsoft weapon purchase was the KWA HK45 GBB Pistol. I actually like full size AKs (not minis/cqc versions). And the example posted is very nice. But I like Swiss and German weapons more. The 552 can double for CQC and Field because of its size and access to the spring. But I don't plan to do much upgrading except maybe replacing some plastic innards with metal if they break and getting a tight bore. I also don't see any accessory issues especially since I was going for the MRS version. It already comes with a Ergo grip and also a cheek well. A 9.6v Butterfly or 7.4 Lipo shouldn't be a problem with it either (without PEQ box). Evike seems to have mags in stock. They aren't cheap but they're there. 50rd Mid caps, and 380 Hi caps. They also sell them in packs of 6 for a better overall price. It may not be that common on the field (which is the point for me), but its stayed on the market for 3 years since its release. That's one of the things I based my choice. Is the split gear hard to work with? Is that a source of headaches? Thanks guys for all the additional comments.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys. Can I hear some more recommendations? Also please spell out for me what's wrong with the Sig? I'd like to know what to look out for in the future. Thx again.
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm new to airsoft, came from paintball (*cough* from 12 years ago). I'm on the market for an new AEG field/cqc rifle. Below are my requirements: 1. I don't want an M4 or any AR-15 variant, 2. I highly prefer full metal and near repiicas of real steal, 3. I want a rifle that can be suffice for both field play and CQC with good (great?) accuracy and ROF, 4. Needs to be good and ready stock out of the box, and 5. My budget is up to $350 for the rifle only so I need above average quality. I don't want anything meant for beginners. I have 3 I'm considering at the moment: ICS Sig Sauer 552 MRS Commando, Magpul PTS Masada SV, or the G&G RIS CQB RUSH M4. Yes, I know the latter 2 are poly/plastic, and one is even an M4 (it's insisted upon me by my local airsoft storeowner). I'm leaning towards the Sig. What's the forum's opinion? Please answer for these 3 guns first, and then if you an additional recommendations, let me know. Thx.
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