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  1. I really wasn't interested in any of the planning for use of this property. My 'idea', was to find a local airsoft company or promoter, let them run with it... charge X amount of dollars for admission and let whomever, do whatever and plan it however they want. I play paintball, not airsoft. The only reason I even considered trying to open this up for airsoft was because the layout and all of the equipment, will be setup like a real military base with fully functioning everything. I know there are minimal fields around here and I know there isn't a 90k square foot facility setup to mimic a base to allow individuals to play on. I suppose I should have waited to post my question until I could give a little more info, I was however, trying to gauge even a little bit of interest while I was planning the main event.
  2. Greetings guys/gals. New to the forum. Not new to 'forums' so I'll try to cover as much as I can since I'm a newbie here. ;) I have emailed some users directly already, but I wanted to post something more open in the SE Region forum section regarding what we are doing.Without getting into detail (because I can not at this point), I will try and explain as best I can regarding what is going on. For all intents and purposes, I am in charge of designing a fully functioning Army FOB here in Tampa. It will be very central to Tampa, St Pete, Clearwater, Lakeland, Plant City, Brooksville and worth the drive from places like Gainesville or Ft Myers. It will be equipped with almost everything you would find at an FOB: Barracks Communications Tent Command Center Armory Military vehicles Support personnel in place 'acting' in certain roles to further make the experience real Fully functioning MASH unit Fully functioning mobile kitchen unit Supply Tent Defensive positions Offensive positions Lighting Sound Special effects Fully fenced and barricaded in with only two ways out. What I am trying to gauge interest on, is if we were to open it on a few weekends during the months of September or October, would there be enough people to make it worth while. As we are putting a lot of money into this location and what we are doing is expensive, *IF* we do this, we would be charging. That leads me to my main question. Would you pre-pay for your tickets and what cost (for unlimited play one day) would you pay? The only prerequisite is biodegradable BBs. I realize I'm new here. That I've never posted. That I'm asking if you'd pre-pay for something you, at this point, cannot physically see... but lets assume I could post location/pictures/layout. And lets assume I am being accurate in my description. This would be a pretty awesome chance to engage in CQB play on a pretty authentic layout. Once some things are 'in place', I can post all the information you would need to make a decision... Your thoughts?
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