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  1. I just called up the local forest reserve and told them I was looking for a project for my Eagle, and within two weeks they called me back with a few different options. I think my project used up about 120 man hours in all. The key thing about the project is that they want you to be in charge guiding people to complete the job, they don't want you doing all the work. The Eagle board of review is a dandy as well I might add.. very intense.
  2. Good luck finishing up your Eagle.. I can't even describe how much work finishing up with it is. I had to build a new trail in the middle of a forest which required cutting down trees, making a walking path on a downhill surface.. etc etc.. lots of fun. I was so releaved when years and years of work finally paid off.
  3. Nice gear. I beat all of you guys to it.. I got my eagle in 06.. woot.
  4. Poor Taylor :-( That trade deal is still on the table.
  5. There are some pinned topics at the top of the page that will help you with take down and reassembly. Alot of WE GBBs will not lock the slide back if you rapid fire the gun because the gas cools down to quickly. My high-capa 5.1 wont lock the slide back if I try to unload the magazine as fast as I can. But if I were you id check out the pinned topics.
  6. I think it is important to know what kind of surface you would to be working with. Any springer you get is going to have a plastic slide, and many gbb's are going to be metal. I don't know if you would want to engrave into plastic.. its already pretty cheap and flimsy. In my mind, if you get a springer and make it look really nice it is kind of a waste because it is going to feel cheap and crappy. If you decorate and design something into a nice heavy metal GBB, it would be much nicery looking, and overall a better peice.
  7. Isn't that an ebay store? If so, I ordered from them before. It comes form overseas, so it took a little while.
  8. I am the one who sold tot the gun. I had the gun for a few years, and put a decent amount through it.. maybe 10,000 rounds? I decided to upgrade it, and after installing the aftermarket hammer spring I never could get the dang thing to work right. After a couple of weeks of taking it apart and reassembling with no result I just let it sit in the box until I sold it to tot. The gun worked perfectly fine until after I tried to put the upgrade kit in. I am not sure if something broke or got lost while I was reassembling? Or something just is not put back together correctly.. that dang hammer mechanism is a PITA to work on.. and I remember how stressed out I got working on that thing!
  9. Why not go for an EBB... they are crappy, but for indoor plinking atleast they had some realism?
  10. I am 6'2 and have pretty large hands, and I owned a KWA G19 and the size of it was not a big deal at all. If you are going to use it as a secondary, it is kind of nice to have a sub compact pistol because it is easier to carry sometimes than a larger pistol. The compact size, heavy weight, and sturdy build of the G19 makes it very appealing to hold and shoot. No matter which you choose, youll be happy with it if its a KWA/KSC. Good luck!
  11. I have always spoken up when I see threads that bash airsplat, because out of the hundreds of dollars I have spent there, I never have had a problem. This time, a problem arose, that needed some attention. I recently moved out of the house to go to school, and I have my own apartment. I had a package from airsplat, and a package from airsoftgi coming today on the same truck. For some reason, the truck driver delivered the packages to the wrong address. I called UPS, and they told me I needed to call the shippers and that they needed to call UPS in order for an investigation to begin. I called up airsoftgi, and spoke to a very nice guy who explained everything, and knew what he was talking about. It was my first order from airsoftgi, so I was happy to get a positive experience with them. I then called airsplat, and after reading the many HORRIBLE stories about their customer service, I was slightly nervous. After only 60 seconds of being on hold, I got onto the line with a nice lady, who felt bad about my situation, and gladly contacted UPS to get an investigation going. The point if this thread is just to say that I had positive experiences with both companies, and that I received excellent customer service from both places. Later in the day I contacted my apartment manager, and the packages had been taken to them by the person who received them. Please do not turn this into a flame war, I simply wanted to say that airsplat has ALWAYS come through with me, and I have been ordering from them for over four years, and now that I needed to contact them they were there for me again. AirsoftGI also gets my vote, great people working over there that knew what they are talking about.
  12. I live in Whitewater, which is about 1:15-90 min away, but there is a group of people maybe 10+ guys who play here. PM a guy named Totman, he would know.
  13. Very well written, to the point, clutter free, A+ 10/10
  14. Thats kind of the same thing I was getting at CMP. But if something small can be done (such as reading provided information before buying) it can make a difference. Even if only one parent or person reads the information, that could potentially be one life saved, and one less time we have to worry about having to read bad things about airsoft/etc in the paper.
  15. All the main manufacturers will give you acceptable performance out of the box for the most part, but if you go with TM, KWA, some KJW stuff, youll have less headaches down the line. Even though they may cost more, they will hold up better, and they have better performance. If you are looking to get something just to mess around with and just plink with, then lesser brands such as HFC, WE, etc will be fine. Also if you want full auto, check out the CYMA AEP pistol series. They are semi or full auto, and run off a battery. They are non-blow back, however they are pretty cheap (around $50) and I believe shoot around 200-250fps, and there are some upgrade options available.
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