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  1. For someone new to the sniper area I would suggest the TM VSR's.. I started out with a SP M40XB, but the VSR's were not out when I started.. But its your choice.. Ross Dawg Bait
  2. Dawg Bait

    Help Me Choose

    Thank you and I am sure alot of people will.. Its just easier to read then If someone posted after you then make a new post.. but 3 in a row sucks at trying to read, and it will prolly be easier for you as well.. Ross Dawg Bait
  3. Dawg Bait

    Help Me Choose

    dude. try to use the EDIT button.. You posted like 3 times then someone else.. that tends to get annoying.. Ross Dawg Bait
  4. Dawg Bait

    Help Me Choose

    Classic Army M24 (Spring) APS2 (Spring) Sun project M40Xb (Spring) TM VSR (Spring) Tanaka Rifles (Gas) KWJ M700 (Gas) Its all your decision. Personaly I like the CA M24 Flutted and the sun Project M40XB Ross Dawg Bait
  5. 1: http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?I...7df36b183909bbd 2: http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?I...7df36b183909bbd 3: http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?I...7df36b183909bbd Theres 3 for ya Ross Dawg Bait
  6. No it wouldnt be Wolf Rifle.. more like "Dummes Gewehr" Thats in German also... Seriously I think it would look stupid.. and unrealistic.. a Shotgun cant go as far as a rifle.. I will challenge you to a real steel compititon with a shotgun vs bolt action anyday... But what ever floats your boat.. lol.. Ross DAwg Bait
  7. Good luck trying to find them. Hackers are smart.. Well most of them are. Ross Dawg Bait
  8. Dawg Bait

    Which One

    You would prolly like the VSR unless you what a sniper that you have up keep to do.. the M24 you will have to go through it and tighten screws and such. but the M24 is a lot heavier. I like heavier guns.. Ross
  9. If I remember that the SL-8 and SL-9 are the same thing.. Ross
  10. Company? Sun Project Brand? M40 XB How long you have it? ~1.5 years How many BB's did you shoot? Lost count Do you love your gun? HELL YES How many matches was it in? 4
  11. I didnt read all of this thread.. but all braches of the military use a Beretta M92 (9mm) EVEN The marine corp. I had a buddy in the marines as a recon scout/sniper and thats what he had.. I have not seen a Law Enforcment officer with a Beretta YET. Sig and Glock are the main pistols they use.. My dads a law enforcement office and he has a G22... Ross
  12. OK STEP 1 - Take off the forgrips STEP 2 - Open the recever. you don't have tio take it all the way off.. Remove the rear pin, and open.. STEP 3 - You will see the hop up thing. Prolly black. It will slide out, take it out. STEP 4 - Take the stock inner barrel out and replace with the new one. don't LOSE any tiny parts. STEP 5 - Put back together.. Easy as that. Ross
  13. Please we need a Sun Project Heading in the sniper section.. You have the ASP2's, Classic Army, Tanaka and Tokyo Mauri. WHY NOT A SUN PROJECT one.. I am getting very knowledgeable with the M40s.. Ross DAwg Bait
  14. Just want a silencer to hide the inner barrel thats all you need to do... But a psg-1 inner barrel is mighty long for a G36c, it you were doing a G36K or the SL-9 with a silencer then I can see using it.. Ross Dawg Bait
  15. Cylinder with spring guide and piston Same things at the first one, I have this one Uncompany UN Company has a lot more M40XB parts Ross ADMIN: We do need a Sun Project Area.. I feel left out cause there isnt one :(
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