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  1. Hello everyone. I am having some trouble with these midcaps mags from G&P I got in a 5 pack. I have heard with midcaps that you have to break them in. I haven't been able to use them a whole lot maybe one or 2 of them and in that point in time they worked just fine. Well the next time I played, I loaded them all up and proceeded to play. When I went to fire I get one or 2 shots then nothing comes out. I'll have to unload/reload the mag sometimes to get it working again....sometimes ill get 2 or 3 bursts too. I tried this with my other four mags during play. Same issue with those to. Well I did alot of research and decided to attempt to break the bags in myself. I kept reading mixed views of using silicon oil.....so I did not want to chance this route. This week I decided to load each mag to almost full capacity (about 3/4 full) and let them sit there for about 1 hour. I did this to each mag about 4 times total this week. After I tried firing my mags and loaded them 3/4 full.....each mag fed very well exept for too. So I loaded those again and let them sit for another 2 hours. I unloaded them and reloaded them and shot and still the same issue. So I loaded them half only this time and then they started feeding fine (I loaded them half way because I noticed when I loaded them 3/4 full it was hard to get the bbs in with the speed loader because of the tension). Well Today we played in cold weather it was def around 32 degrees. the first game none of my mags fed at all. they skipped shots, 2-3 bursts, or just wouldnt feed. So now Im really at a lose....Is something possibly happening to the spring? Is it getting scrunched in when I load them? Or do you think I need to try and break them in more? Thanks.
  2. Linglingjr - I like your qoutes XD lol I did buy some #14 o-rings the other day. They fit great. Got them from lowes. I did open up my gearbox again to take another good look. I discovered that perhaps my shims were in the wrong place? I was unaware that I had different shim thicknesses in my gun until I really looked at it. I have a set coming I ordered. Could this be the problem? If I get my shims in the mail I'll try rebuilding tonight. Is there a shimming sticky any around here? I couldnt find any....
  3. What type of material are the orings? Like viton or something? Harbor Frieght has a whole set for 4 bucks here. Is there also such thing a metric and US orings?
  4. Okay thank you. I was also thinking before I go taking this thing apart. I did notice a little bit of wear before on the piston o-ring. Would this also cause an issue too? Maybe air is escaping passed the ring? Also....would you guys know where to buy the screws and the o-rings for this gun? I lost 2 screws already too screw in the forgip where the motor goes. It takes four washer head metric screws but there so small I cant buy any locally. Id like to get a bunch of screws and orings to keep on hand for times like these.
  5. Well I don't want to come across this rude but....wouldnt be an issue though? It would seem like it would load and extra BB in...although I haven't tried firing a BB yet. My motor is a stock one from G&G. It didnt do this before I took the gearbox apart to lube it up. I'm also going to try and open it up again. Maybe its very possible something got out of place such as a shim like you mentioned? Unless all the shims are the same size, maybe is one in the wrong place? Battery is also a tenergy....http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=7638
  6. Hello everyone. I am in need of assistance. Ive searched and watched youtube videos like nuts and I don't know what else to do. I took apart my gearbox for the first time and I follow the v2 gearbox guide on this website. I went ahead and lubed up all my gears and piston (lightly) with Team Associated Green Slime. After putting the gear box back together, I wanted to test with a dry fire. The gearbox cycling and moving of the air nozzle seams off to me. It does one full cycling then it almost does a half cycling of some sort. The nozzle will move forward, air comes out then it almost starts to move again after the cycle is done. Is this a timing issue? This is for a G&G Combat Arms CM16 Carbine.
  7. Okay. I was pondering just getting rid of the triangle site all together. Is it possible to keep my back iron sight and just get a new front iron sight? I was thinking of just getting a new outer barrel, either a mock silencer or a muzzle, then just getting a new iron sight for the front. Is the stock size on the CM raider a 14"? I'm still a little lost what to look for.
  8. I was thinking of getting these items so far. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=11674 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=11158 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=1373 I wanted to keep my setup somehwat low profile. I kind of liked the idea of having those 3 pouches that only hold one mag so it dosnt stick out 2 far. I was thinking of getting a second set of the 3 mag pouch for the upper part of the vest but I'm not sure if it will fit. I like the vest alot too. Its with in my price range, it dosnt have the side plate just the hook up and they gives me more arm room. I also like the option that it comes with the option to insert plates. Any opinions on this? Thank you guys.
  9. Do they also make other types of iron sights and not just the triangular one? I'm thinking of going this route. So far...I like the iron sights because of good peripheral vision. Is it also preferred for CQB? Do they also make iron just just for CQB that people prefer?
  10. Okay, well if I go this route and just get a new barrel....then I wont have a front sight and my back iron sight wont work so I will need a new sight right?
  11. Hello all. I purchased an M4 CM from G&G (none CQB length). I beleive stock length is 14? Well anyway...Make a long story short the threads that the orange tip are on are stripped. I was either thinking of upgrading the inner and outer barrel or just getting another outer barrel site front assembly combo. It seems though if I want to get a new barrel that I will loose the iron sight since it is one assembly. So I am unsure how to go about upgrading this. I read through some stickies and didnt see anything about outer barrel parts just inner barrel.
  12. Yeah, I totally believe you lol. Perhaps my friends are just miss informed. I shall try this when I recieve my high cap. I got a free D Boyz one with my Raider M4 that I just order. It was free and thats what my funds alowed me to handle at this point in time. I also wanted to get a small tool set to work on my gun. What would be your reccomendation? I would like to have o-rings (if I need them) and such handy too and I beleive the gun comes with oil. I'm guessing Ill atleast neet maybe a metric and US Alen key set and a set of screw driver....
  13. What I ment was do all high caps have tyhe tendancy to feet a ton of bbbs when you wind it fully? I thought it was around 30 or 60 or so....
  14. Are all high caps like that or just certain ones? Also, for mid and high caps which brands should I stick with?
  15. Okay any brands I should stick with?
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