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  1. Hi, Ive been looking for an ACOG with an red dot sight ontop but cant decide what I should go with.. are these manufacturers any good ? TRC 1: TRC TA31 4X Combat Scope w Doctor sight Black TRC 2: TRC 4X32 TA01 NSN Scope with Doctor style Sight AABB 1: AABB Fiber AG style 4X scope with Red dot ( Red Fiber ) AABB 2: AABB Fiber AG style 4X scope with Red dot ( Green Fiber ) OP 1: OP TA31 4X Combat Scope w Doctor sight ( Black ) OP 2: OP Fiber AG style 4X scope with RM dot ( Red Fiber ) Ive also been looking at the sights on this site: Aliexpress.com at these scopes for an example: Trijicon ACOG 4x32 Riflescope (Red Optical Fiber Works really) +Red Dot Rifle scope HongKong Post Free shipping HQ SNIPER 4X32 RGB Tri-Illuminated Compact Scope Green Fiber Optics Sight Weaver free ship Shipping to Sweden (free preferred) and a price at 130$ max or lower. Thanks in advance !
  2. yeah I kinda got that I needed one like you had on the right, but Im having trouble finding the right kind/setup. all batteries I can find on tiger111hk.com is either the wrong plug/connector or its not an nun-chuck, Im looking at G&P batteries because Ive read that they are reliable. and yes Ive also added the shipping cost into the total price, as I said before, Im going to order this with a friend and we will split the shipping cost. all chargers are out of stock as it seems.
  3. Wrong diameter ? dang-it, could someone link some 7.4, 9.4 or 10,8 batteries that fit this m4's crane stock and chargers that arnt to expensive for this gun King Arms Metal Vltor M4 VIS Carbine AEG (Black) ?
  4. okey thanks, thats what I thought then about mAh Then I guess that the KA's I linked in the beginning is as good as the AA Im looking at right now, I can always upgrade later on either one of the guns right ?
  5. that didnt sound as confident as before Which model on the gun is it ? Does mAh wear the gun out or is that only a guide of life for the battery ? Alien Airsoft M4 VLT VIS AEG (Long, 14.5Inch), "Up to 7.4V 1000mAh". You got links to all that because that just made this jungle a whole lot bigger. I found these, would HOT POWER 7.4V 3000mAh 15C Lithium Battery (Crane Type) work ?
  6. Does that still mean that you recommend it or ? and what battery + charger would you go in hand with that ? do you need 2x7.4V ?
  7. I guess its up to me if I either go.. King Arms Metal Vltor M4 VIS Carbine AEG (Black) or Alien Airsoft M4 VLT VIS AEG (Long, 14.5Inch) but I still need battery and a charger for both of these guns. What battery and charger should I go with for each gun ?
  8. okey, to bad because they looked interesting. Ive been thinking of taking a chance and buy one but with shipping it would be around 330$ for me. And these KA would be around 280$. What demands do you have on internals ? Are these KA to be trusted and what gives about the sale, could these have any faults and thats why its on sale ? I bet I would notice much difference between guns/manufacturers but then again Im a Newbie :) Im thankful for all the help !
  9. I never planned on this thread to burst into flame like this but I guess that is unavoidable on a forum where all of us has different thoughts. Im sure I wont because this will be my first airsoft :) One question to you jonsun81, have you any thoughts about the new brand Alien Airsoft ? "guges Mk3" mentioned those in another thread and was wondering if they are reliable. Alien Airsoft M4 VLT VIS AEG (Long, 14.5Inch)
  10. thanks for your input, what Ive gathered is that KA is one of the more favored ones in 100$ - 300$ price range but I might be wrong, correct me if I am. Its quite hard to understand what all acronyms stand for.. like, what is VLTOR, CASV and VIS ? :/
  11. Thank you for clearing that up :) sorry that I misunderstood you, well its easy to think that when most other products (not airsoft) work that way, "new model, new hardware" which one would you say win in that fight then ? KA vs Dboys someone should start a new thread with a poll where you get to vote for favorite/top manufacturer for us rookies, might help in a way to choose (it would help me in a way).
  12. I still want best bang for the buck. Everyone who are asking for help still want the best gun they can get, with their own criteria of what should be included or expected ofcourse. You still want a fighting chance in a game with a good looking gun don't you, or am I wrong ? The reason for this thread is that I wanted people's opinion on the guns that are on sale at tiger111hk.com (or if they know a better gun with similar looks then be my guest and link it).
  13. The reason for a long barrel is only a personal preference, I don't like the look of short guns. Shipping to me through tiger111 is 68$, Iam aware of the cost of guns and shipping so thats not a problem. I just lack the knowledge and information about the guns themself.
  14. Okey, I hope more will join this thread and share their opinions. Which gun would you choose if the gun only had a roof at 250$ (check if you can find one on tiger111 (okey price for shipping) The thing is that I got a ridicoulus demand when choosing a weapon, must be an m4 or 416/417 looking kind of gun, RIS, crane stock or be able to hide battery somehow and not an CQB (that means, I want a long barrel gun) !
  15. Im aware of the price for gun and shipping (will be shipping to Sweden tho) and I was surprised about the sale. It seems like the opinions vary from person to person, most Ive seen favor King Arms. And no one seems to say that they are bad, so thats a relief, but quality of models within manufacturer can vary and thats why Im asking. Do you think the gun (the two ones I prio) is worth its price f 203$ ? Ive been looking at Alien Airsoft that someone else recommended to me but I couldnt find that many reviews which helped me with my decision, also the shipping would be at 100$ from hobbyasia and uncompany :/
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