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  1. Hey everyone, this is going to be quite to the long rant, will post a tdlr at the bottom for those not patriotic enough to read this. So me, coming from a background of paintball and real guns, one thing I always appreciated was good craftmanship made in the usa products. In both paintball and the real gun market, almost all products are made in the usa, and is pretty much an industry standard, I personally would pay the extra amounts of money it takes to buy american things. My whole point here is PEOPLE WHO LIKE GUNS TAKE PRIDE IN THEM. Shotty craftmanship of oversea products is terrible and embarassing, and it seems that airsoft is the one gun related market that is saturated in disgusting quality oversea crap. Sure you can make a cheap product overseas, but its just not worth it. Airsoft is plagued by poor standards, people always need upgrades to make their gun "worthy" of battle and to be reliable, when a product should come to you reliable out of the box and not break due to crappy standards. Recently I was looking to pick up a GBB rifle, and it seems very few are actually decent quality, and it puts airsoft to shame seeing how many products are not well crafted peices of art. Every gun should be an artpeice, an example of quality like none other. Its just the way guns should be, people have always endorsed american products and high quality things that should make you feel PROUD of what you own. Airsoft in general needs to clean its act up and produce better, more high quality products. This to me is not overdone, yes I realize hos many times I say quality and craftmanship, but the degradingly low standards are just disgusting, some companies should be ashamed of themselves for not trying to invoke the american pride in fellow airsoft gun owners! I also commend those companies who do spend the extra money to manufacture in america, companies should really take pride in what they make, nobody wants to put their name behind shotty products! And you! The consumer, I realize everybody's got a budget, but having an solid american gun in your hands gives you the feels. You yourself should take more pride in what you buy, spend that extra 50$ on the american peice, your a patriot, you should support those companies who venture to economically challenge themselves by staying in what seems to be a dying american manufacturing buisness! Thanks for reading, Hope you consider this in the future. Tdlr: BUY AMERICAN, airsoft is creeping into the valley of shotty scrap products!
  2. Hey, I really like my pdw, its a lancer tactical one but internally I added alot, are the pdw bodies compatible with m4 style body lower and upper receivers? Or are there any metal pdw bodies out there for sale?
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