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  1. OK, looks like I'm going with the dboys then. Thanks to everyone who helped and gave advice, it made this whole experience much less painful and hassle free. I hope to remain active on the forums so I'll talk to you guys later.
  2. Are you new to airsoft(like me)? If so, then take a look at this: If you're not then I apologize for wasting your time and someone with more experience who knows what they're doing should be able to help you.
  3. *in my previous post I accidentally wrote spring, it was supoosed to say sight* Anyways guys thanks for all the advice but I just came across the lancer tactical ak74u and I'm torn between which one to get. The lancer is almost $70 cheaper which would give me more wiggle room later on with upgrades but I'm not sure if the perfomance dip is too high between the dboys and the lancer. Here's the link: http://www.airsoftgi.com/mobile/product_in...oducts_id=13308
  4. Well I decided to go with the dboys full metal rk-01(the one linked in the post above) Before I take the plunge I just need to know what and how many mags I should get(and what the cost would be) along with the battery and possibly a spring. Also, what size bb's should I use? I was also wondering if I should buy a vest to carry mags.
  5. No I meant the Ar-15 family, as in m16s and m4s Also I think I want to get an assault rifle over an smg. I really like the Hk416 but the ak that was reccomended to me seems quite good.
  6. Well after renegadecow was kind enough to direct me to an informatve video that outlined why I shouldn't get a bolt action, I'm wondering what aeg to get. Price would be 160 or less for the gun and 60 or less for mags, upgrades, etc. For the gun itself I'm wondering weather I should get an ar or smg. I don't want anything from the ar-15 family though. Also should I buy a handgun as a secondary? One last question I have is weather I should get a bullpup. They look awseome and their real life concept is cool but I don't know how that would translate into airsoft. Thank you all for reading.
  7. Thanks for the video, it was very informative and stopped me from making a big mistake. What gun would you recommend I look into?
  8. Hello ASF members, I was looking for help in picking out my first gun(or two) Ideally I want to get a spring bolt action sniper rifle, aeg semi-auto handgun, and possibly a bipod and scope. My budget for the sniper is $150 or less, again only spring. I don't want a specific model but I have a fondness for m40s and m24s, again not required but I do like them. The handgun budget is $50 or less, the cheaper the better. I do like p226s in the handgun department, but again, most anything is fine. For the scope and bipod I want to get both for around 40-50 dollars, but my price is flexible(within reason) The environment will most likely be slightly wooded but I do want the handgun as backup in case I am required to rush up for whatever reason. My exact role is withdrawn sniper, picking people off from considerable range. I am open to any advice or constructive criticism, and any help is appreciated. See you on the battlefield!
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