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    ASF Immigrant
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    Proprietor, Catbird Defense Industries (CDI, LLC) CDI M612A anticyborg flechette pistol, GBB, semi CDI BR55-HB Battle Rifle, AEG, programmable burst/automatic CDI VSS Vintorez, AEG, automatic "Frankenstein" CAR9 submachinegun, AEG, automatic CA RPK-7, AEG, automatic Well R2 Skorpion AEP, automatic

About Me

I'm not your average chairsofter.


I build stuff, but very rarely use factory-made parts except optics, flash hiders and internals.

If you want to build something, but don't know how, ask me!



Alright, so more about me? I make self-deprecating fat jokes, drink and smoke, drive a musclecar in the snow, and am passionate about helping folks out. I have a degree in sociology with a minor in psychology, which does me a tremendous amount of good at my job putting things on shelves at a hardware store. I have a tremendous zeal for life, just so long as I'm not depressed at the moment. I love dogs, and cats that act like dogs. My moustache is cooler than yours. Probably.


That says absolutely nothing about me. We should talk some time.

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