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  1. The gun was sold 3 months ago.
  2. I think the AA mag came out in july this year so that was the only other option. Could you take a photo of where and how you clamped it? I just need to apply pressure to the top part don't I?
  3. I think I fixed it, I adjusted the striker spring and now it's working. My mag is still oversized and expanded due to the usage of propane though. It's a very tight fit, so tight that I have to get a hammer and a chisel to get the mag out. I was looking on airsoft gi and found this mag. It says it would fit and green gas /propane would work, but is this action army company any good? http://www.airsoftgi.com/mobile/product_in...oducts_id=14637
  4. I accidentally mustve locked up the half of the bolt with the striker spring inside it. This caused it to not be able to align correctly, I fixed it by twisting the bolt and now the screw holes align perfectly. And to tighten the striker spring, I just turn this screw clockwise? Edit:fixed bolt, I'm missing the grub screw.... Still looking for help on why it's not firing.
  5. Hey guys, I have a tanaka m700 and I have a few problems with it. So the gun was shooting fine yesterday, but then today when I tried to shoot it again it won't even dry fire. I filled the mag up with propane(no leaks) pulled the bolt back, loaded a bb, and pulled the trigger. What I heard was just the spring hitting the mag, no gas, not even a hiss. I pulled the mag out, pressed the gas release button and all the gas did come out. Now, what I thought was that the striker spring was too weak. So I opened the bolt up, took two flat head screws out, and tightened the striker spring(at least I think thats what that spring is called, excuse me if im wrong). Now I have a second problem, when I put the 2 pieces of the bolt back together the flathead's screw holes don't line up and are slightly covered by one part of the bolt. (probably should show you guys a photo, I'll upload later) I think that a new mag would fix the first problem, but I'm not sure why I can't fit these 2 flathead screws back on the bolt. I've tried twisting it, shoving it closer together. Also, I have tried searching this online, there are no tanaka m700 bolt disassembly videos? Any advice or help would be much appreciated, I'm quite unexperienced with gas guns so excuse me if I completely miss something obvious or don't know what you're talking about. Just tell me if you need photos or certain parts of the gun and I'll upload some. This is one beast of a gun when it worked before, would love some help to get it running again.
  6. What part of oregon are you in?
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