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  1. -snip- In order to offer airsoft items for sale on ASF, you need to become an authorized seller. All the information about this is to be found on the website.
  2. Thanks for the help! I went ahead and just purchased an SVD furniture kit.. I got lucky only $400. Thanks for replying.. Only person who bothered to!
  3. withdrawn.. jeez this is an inactive forum! I will just man up and spend the $700 on the real furniture.. Thank you very little :)
  4. Theoretical idea here.. Im not an airsofter. I collect firearms(bang bang) and own a Tiger Dragunov which looks like this Its a real dragunov, its just the "Sporter Hunting Import" version.. I can convert it to look like THIS The real stock set and handguards easily cost $700 by themselves.. And im a very cheap person(why pay $700 when you could pay $300?) The company that makes the real sword dragunov rifles used to produce the REAL THING, which is why they are so darn good. I am told from fellow dragunov owners that the stock set and handguards will fit perfectly(and are made to the same specs) for the real firearm. So my plan is simple. Buy a real sword for $600-700. Swap the Flash Hider, Stock and Handguard with the "Sporter" stuff on my dragunov and sell the real sword. I have NO interest in airsoft(Nothing personal guys, my days of paintball and airsoft are over).. So the question is if you could get a brand new real sword BUT with the "sporter" crap thats on the first picture for $300.. Would you go for it? Let me make it clear I have NOTHING for sale, Im not even 100% on this idea yet. Im testing the water to see if anyone WOULD be interested. if theres no interest then I don't want to spend $600 and be stuck with an airsoft rifle I will never use or appreciate. Thanks for reading.
  5. WITHDRAWN Wow what an inactive forum.. I will just man up and spend the $700 for the real furniture. Thank you all very little.
  6. I ordered a CYMA real wood dragunov from evike.. Of course the turds decided to not tell me it was out of stock until after I used billmelater to paypal them and 5 days later once I paid off the billmelater balance they said "Sorry backordered but we do have this one in black!" *EDIT* After an 50 minute hold someone answered. Girl was very nice and they are giving me a full refund. I am still not going to buy from them but at least so far they seem to be professional about it. SO Does anyone know of a legitimate website selling a real sword for under $600 or a CYMA in wood for under $250? I am not an airsofter and need the version with REAL wood for different reasons so it can be a used beater someone has for all I care as long as the wood is still in good shape. Thanks in advance.
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