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  1. Is there a vendor that sells GHK feed lips, or would I have to scavenge some from an old GHK magazine? Does the GHK feed lip fit a G&G V.II? The old G&G GBBR was compatible with GHK mags, but the G&G V.II mags and the GHK Drop-ins, supposedly, aren't interchangeable for some reason. Any ideas why?
  2. Not trying to hijak the thread, I'm just curious at this point: What makes the GHK Drop-In magazines incompatable with the G&G Gen.II GBBRs then, if the internals are interchangeable? Does anyone know?
  3. Here's a photo of the damaged Magazine. Sorry for the late photo. Has anyone heard of replacement lips for the G&G GBBR? Thanks guys!
  4. I can see about a posting a picture, but it is the feed lip on a gas mag. Short of rebuilding it with epoxy though, I think that the lip will need replacement. Here's a link to the new one, it's just a bit expensive to replace the whole mag for such a small plastic piece: http://www.evike.com/products/46583/
  5. Hey Guys! I just acquired a G&G Combat Machine in a lot and the feed lip on the one magazine is broken. I have heard that this is a common problem, and I've also heard tell of replacement aftermarket feed lips. Does anyone know where one could find such parts, or have alternative solutions? Thank you in advance for your input, Chewie
  6. Well, thanks for your input, but I recently talked to a WE M14 owner who said that he would never recommend it as a DMR due to the changes in gas pressure, so I think I might go with an AEG after all. Thanks!
  7. Hey Guys! I'm planning on building a M14 DMR kit and the WE Tech platform really appeals to me. Do any of you have experience using one as a DMR? With the 500 FPS nozzle and a full length barrel, is it a good candidate for designated marksman rifle? Thanks guys, Chewy
  8. The nozzles aren't cracked, but the pistons did seem a bit hard and dry. Thanks for the tip! I'll lube the pistons cup up and see if that helps, if not I'll replace them. Thanks again, Chewy
  9. Hey Guys! I have 2 HFC M9s with, it would seem, the same problem: Both expend so much gas per clip that they run out way before they use most of the bbs. (I know that they're using too much gas because everything and everyone nearby gets covered with green gas whereas before they were quite efficient.) This problem was serious in the summer months, so I know that it's not temperature related, and I can't seem to figure out why they're behaving this way. Also, the slide doesn't slide to the back like it used to and it even fails to rack a bb into the hop-up from time to time. I've tested them with a couple of different magazines so I doubt that is the problem. Both worked great until this, though both trigger springs have been replaced. I'm at a total loss and in need of the wisdom of a more experienced air-smith. Could it be the hammer springs, the nozzle/piston heads, or something else? Thanks, Chewy
  10. Hey Guys, As you can see, I'm new to the Forum here and I figured I just might insert an introduction: My callsign is Chewy for Chewbacca (Yes, I'm a Star Wars fan and my team labeled me with the name of my favorite character.). I run anything from P90s to sniper rifles to SAWs, but I'm selling the SAW to get a lighter loadout. I'm the squad/team leader of Firestorm and also the gun technician. We're all active on our local Houston Airsoft forum as well, but we're also expanding our awareness into the larger Airsoft Community. I hope to see y'all around, Chewy
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